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Select includes extensive coverage for Medical Expenses, Assistance, Repatriation, Baggage, Reimbursement, Cancellation and Liability. And if you need it, you can increase your limits and travel with a fully customized policy.

Medical costs, hospitalization, repatriation or loss of luggage abroad can be very high. With travel insurance coverage you will not have to bear these expenses.

There are many unforeseen events that can occur during your trip, such as loss of documentation, theft, costs caused by the delay of the means of transport, cancellation of a flight, etc. A travel insurance policy insures the value of your belongings on your vacation and allows you to travel with peace of mind.

A good travel insurance policy offers you coverage against unforeseen events that may arise. The guarantees may vary depending on the type of insurance, however, they all offer more or less protection:

Travel insurance can be taken out at any time before departure. However, in order to benefit from some coverage such as cancellation, you must take it into account at the time of booking the trip. You can also do it later, but the cancellation coverage will be effective 72 hours after contracting it.

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What is the best travel insurance to the United Kingdom? If you are planning to travel to this nearby but very interesting country, you are probably wondering which international policy is best suited to this destination. Together with your accommodation and flights, this is the third column on which you should start building this great trip and here you will find all the answers you are looking for.

Being at home we enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that, in case of need, we have a free and quality health system that assures us the best care. Things change completely when we leave our borders and each country is a totally different scenario. The United Kingdom, for example, is a case in point. Although the country has first class medical centers and hospitals (as long as you know where and how to look for them), health care is a great cost for the tourist that can translate into high bills that can ruin your trip completely.

Thus, even the Ministry of Foreign Affairs itself emphasizes the great importance of having travel insurance to the UK to ensure that you are covered at all times for medical care and the possibility of being repatriated, something that the EHIC does not include. Moreover, it refers to it with this strong message:

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Fit 2 Trip’s Europe travel insurance offers protection for those traveling to Europe, as well as to countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. In addition to providing coverage for those travelers with existing medical conditions, it also offers a choice of benefit levels and coverages to ensure excellent pricing.

To facilitate our clients’ experience of choice with travel insurance in Europe, we group the countries of the world into geographical areas. Customers can choose the area they wish to travel to with our different types of coverage, which offer fantastic prices.

Travel insurance policies are available for individuals, couples and groups. At Fit 2 Trip we seek to help our clients with comprehensive medical and financial protection to cover emergencies or accidents that may occur during the trip.

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Coverage is subject to the general conditions, benefit limits and area of coverage of the policy. Costs must be reasonable and customary, they must be customary in the country where medical care is provided.

Manage your coverage with our MyHealth digital services Check what’s covered under your plan, submit and track claims (properly completed claims are processed within 48 hours), view policy documents, find nearby medical providers and more. You can download the app on your cell phone or use the online portal on a computer.

Tips, tools, videos, articles and guides to help protect you from preventable health risks. Services also include a dedicated case manager to support members in the unfortunate event of a cancer diagnosis.

If your answer is yes, you’ll need a specialized plan that conforms to local regulations and healthcare systems in the region or country you’re moving to. Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? But don’t worry, we can help you find the coverage you need. Click the button below to see our specialized plans.

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