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Compare all our travel insurance policies and choose the one that best suits your trip. Our comparison allows you to easily visualize the different guarantees offered by each vacation insurance, so you can choose the policy that best suits your needs.

Once you have answered the questions in the previous section, the next thing to do is to select those products that may fit your travel needs and look at the following:

It will depend on the destination you are going to visit. Keep in mind that each country has a series of particularities that will mark the needs of your trip, among them the obligatory nature of accessing the destination with travel insurance.

With this travel insurance you will be able to travel insured all the members of the family, whether you are traveling alone or separately. In addition, from 3 or more insured, you will benefit from a bonus in the price.

We also have other very interesting options, such as Viajero Seguro. This product is the best option for those who are looking for a more personalized policy, since you can adapt it to your needs by extending or reducing the coverage limits, including Medical Assistance.

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Select includes extensive coverage for Medical Expenses, Assistance, Repatriation, Baggage, Reimbursement, Cancellation and Civil Liability. And if you need to, you can increase your limits and travel with a fully customized policy.

Medical costs, hospitalization, repatriation or loss of luggage abroad can be very high. With travel insurance coverage you will not have to bear these expenses.

There are many unforeseen events that can occur during your trip, such as loss of documentation, theft, costs caused by the delay of the means of transport, cancellation of a flight, etc. A travel insurance policy insures the value of your belongings during your vacation and allows you to travel with peace of mind.

A good travel insurance policy offers you coverage against unforeseen events that may arise. The guarantees may vary depending on the type of insurance, however, they all offer more or less protection:

Travel insurance can be taken out at any time before departure. However, in order to benefit from some coverage such as cancellation, you must take it into account at the time of booking the trip. You can also do it later, but the cancellation coverage will be effective 72 hours after contracting it.

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Are you going on vacation? If you are going on a trip, whatever your destination and the reason for your trip, don’t forget to take out travel insurance! Any unforeseen event that occurs during your trip can have very high costs for your pocket. With AXA Assistance travel insurance you will have 24-hour medical assistance that includes coverage for medical expenses abroad and luggage, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

When planning a trip abroad, whether it is for a few days or several months, one of the first steps to take is to take out travel medical insurance. We are all aware that with travel insurance under your arm, you travel much more relaxed. However, although this may seem obvious, it is worth explaining why. Here is a list of reasons why it is so advisable to take out international travel insurance:

When you take out travel insurance, the most important thing is to check whether it meets the requirements you need, and whether it offers all the protection you are looking for. Here are the main coverages of our international travel insurance:

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And not only the local, provincial or national restrictions, but also the international ones. So it will be necessary to be fully and accurately informed before leaving, something complex in a time in which the scenario changes practically every hour.

In the past, few countries used to demand it as an indispensable requirement to welcome a visitor (Cuba or Russia), but now that the great impact of the coronavirus has made itself felt, many other states have taken care of their own health, never better said, in order to allow the arrival of tourists.

In Europe, Russia requires medical insurance with medical and repatriation coverage, even when applying for a visa to enter the country, which must always be carried along with the policy.

The United Arab Emirates and Sri Lanka, which closed their borders in order to reopen them in summer, also impose this measure: in the Persian Gulf country, travel insurance must cover the entire stay; in the Indian Ocean island, a health protocol has also been created for all tourists.

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