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Cuban citizens need a visa to enter Germany.    Non-EU citizens also need a visa as long as they are not citizens of a country for which the European Union has suspended the visa requirement. The type of visa will depend on the intended length of stay.

The type of visa depends on the intended length of stay: Do you wish to travel to Germany as a tourist for a short period of time, or do you plan to stay for a longer period of time, e.g. for study purposes?

When traveling to and from Germany, cash with a total value of EUR 10,000 or more must be declared to customs. This applies to cash and cash equivalents.

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TODAY’S HIGHLIGHTS: Arrival Reception. Transfer to hotel and free time. You will receive information about the start of the circuit during the afternoon, or you can check the informative panels in the hotel reception area.

We include a panoramic tour of the incredible and thriving capital of Germany. We will visit the historic center, the museum island, the Reichstag, the Brandenburg Gate, the shopping streets and parks. We will also visit the impressive Holocaust Memorial and the Berlin Wall Museum. Optionally you will have the opportunity to visit the Potsdam area with its beautiful palaces.

Free time in BERLIN. At 11:30 hrs we will leave the German capital traveling north. In the city of Rostock we will board a ferry (departure scheduled at 15:30 hrs) crossing the Baltic Sea to Denmark. Crossing of almost two hours. Enjoy the crossing on this modern ship. Arrival in Denmark, continuation through pleasant landscapes. COPENHAGEN, arrival at the end of the day.

Distance from ukraine to germany

Not everyone agrees. Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholz says that while it is important to sanction members of President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle, Europeans must “also understand that there are many people fleeing Russia because they disagree with the Russian regime.”

European leaders are unlikely to reach full agreement on this issue. Although the EU has largely held together since the start of the war and has united to impose serious economic sanctions on Russia, there is a geographic reality that complicates any consensus among 27 countries with very different economic and political priorities.

The western and southern EU countries, which are somewhat shielded from Kremlin aggression because of the great distance, are quick to remind the hawks that Russia is a very large part of the wider region of Europe.

Therefore, it is not only extremely difficult, but probably not particularly productive, to simply ignore Russia. Once the war is over, European economies will want to re-establish ties with Russia. This is not only beneficial to those countries, but could also prove valuable in a post-conflict propaganda war to convince average Russians of the benefits of European values.

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As of January 1, 2021, the Russian government has introduced a unified electronic visa for visiting the entire Russian territory. This electronic visa allows you to enter the country only once for tourist, business, humanitarian or family visit purposes, for a maximum of 16 days. The nationalities and entry points eligible for this visa are as follows. The average time to obtain the electronic visa is about 4 days. No invitation or voucher is required for this process.

To travel to Russia, the e-visa is mandatory. From January 1, 2021, you can visit the whole country with the unified e-visa. The visa for Russia allows you to stay 16 days in the different Russian oblasts in order to visit your relatives, for business, tourism or humanitarian reasons.

The electronic visa for Russia is available online for a fee of 69 € per traveler. It is not possible to obtain a visa for Russia on arrival, we advise you to apply online 4 days before your departure to Russia.

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