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Belarus is a young state on the modern map of Europe. However, the history of the country begins many centuries ago. Today, as many centuries ago, Belarus is very happy to welcome guests from all over the world to its land.

In Belarus the culture and traditions of Western and Eastern Europe are uniquely intertwined. Representatives of various religions and nationalities live together in the country.

Belarus has passed a long and difficult path of its historical development. The first cities – principalities on the territory of modern Belarus began to appear in the IX century of the Christian era. The most powerful principalities at the beginning of the second millennium were the Polotsk and Turov principalities. Architectural monuments of that period have been preserved to this day: the Cathedral of St. Sophia in Polotsk (11th century), the Church of Boris and Gleb (Kolozh) in Grodno (12th century).

Today Belarus is an intensively developed European country open to the whole world. The Belarusian people know and want to receive visitors. Here you will be welcomed with hospitality, sincerity and enthusiasm.

How much does a ticket from russia to belarus cost?

Take advantage of one of the three departures we have planned for this circuit that will allow you to know the southwestern part of Russia, Belarus and Vilnius (Vilnius). A trip through the most emblematic places such as St. Petersburg, Pechory, Pskov, Minsk, Mir, Nesvizh, Grodno and Vilnius. Are you up for it? An ideal program to enjoy your summer vacation. A great team of professionals have prepared this special program for you.

Day 2 St. Petersburg (DB + A)Start of the panoramic city tour. This wonderful city was founded by Peter the Great in 1703 on the banks of the Neva River. In the afternoon excursion to Catherine Palace and its parks. Return to the city. Overnight.

Day 6 Vitebsk / Dututki / Minsk (DB + A)Departure by coach to Dututki. Visit of this fabulous village located 50 km from Minsk. We will admire its traditional buildings of the time, the distillation of samagon (homemade vodka) and its systems of stills, locksmiths, blacksmiths, bakers at work. We will also visit one of the two windmills that exist in the country and its complicated gear systems. Lunch at the Museum’s tavern and taste the famous samagon. Continue to the capital of Belarus, Minsk.    Arrival at the hotel and accommodation.

Belarus is visa-free for Cubans

However, things are changing and since they began to liberalize their visa system in early 2019, more and more tourists are discovering the wonders of what is known as White Russia.

And besides, if you are interested in the history of the Soviet Union, in Belarus you are going to have a lot of time and there is nothing more Soviet, a country is full of countless memorials and symbols that pay tribute to the former communist regime, come on, not even Transnistria itself.

Another of the bureaucratic drawbacks of traveling to Belarus is that you have to register with the police every 5 days. It’s a hassle, because this means that if you plan to travel in Belarus for 30 days, you will have to register 6 times.

The first time, you can register through this link, for free, but after that you will have to go to the Department of Citizenship and Migration in Minsk – if you are not in Minsk, ask in your hotel – and pay the equivalent of 15€.

From Russia, however, you cannot enter. It is a bit strange, but it seems that between Russia and Belarus there is a treaty like that of the European Union, in which there are no borders. Russians and Belarusians can cross it freely, but as there is no customs control, foreigners are not allowed to cross.

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Recently, there has been much discussion about the possible participation of Belarus in the war against Ukraine on the side of Russia. The fact that Belarus is an accomplice to military aggression is indisputable. It was from this territory that the Russian troops who planned to take Kiev in three days entered. From the airfields here took off the Russian planes that launched rocket attacks on Ukrainian cities.

However, it is impossible to predict how people will react to an eventual participation in the Russian aggression, taking into account the reaction of the Belarusians to the war in Ukraine, when, as a result of partisan actions (“railway war”), the movement of Russian troops to the Ukrainian front was stopped for almost two weeks. As, also, the mass dismissal of the Belarusian military who did not want to carry out criminal orders. The situation in the country could turn sharply against the current government.

So far, Lukashenko has not decided for a direct military aggression. The main reason is the absolute popular rejection of Putin’s war in Ukraine. And despite the fact that an open protest against the war by the dictatorship is not expected, the entry of Belarus into the war may launch a new process of mobilization of the masses in a more radical way. Belarusians, unlike Russians, do not suffer from an imperial complex, and it is quite obvious that the reaction of the people to the difficulties of the war would be extremely negative for the power.

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