Travel from alaska to russia

Why can’t you travel from alaska to russia?

The autonomous district of Chukotka (Russia) and the state of Alaska (USA) are divided by the Bering Strait, which is about 82 kilometers wide. And in the middle of the water line is a set of two islands, called the Diomedes Islands or also known as the Gvózdev Islands. The western island, or Greater Diomedes, belongs to the Russian Federation and the eastern island, Lesser Diomedes, belongs to the United States.

On a clear day you can clearly see the snowy beaches from both sides and in the winter season – which lasts from mid-December to mid-June – when the water freezes, you can even walk this short distance and appear in the other country.

The Russian island remains uninhabited and belongs to the aforementioned Chukotka district which in general occupies a space of 737,700 km² which is equivalent to the territory of Texas with a population of 50,000 people (2018). Meanwhile, the U.S. island is inhabited by approximately 135 people of the Eskimo community.

It is possible to cross from alaska to russia

The Alaska Purchase (English: Alaska Purchase) (Russian: Продажа Аляски) was an acquisition of 1 518 800 square kilometers of the present-day state of Alaska by the United States from the Russian Empire carried out in 1867, at the behest of U.S. Secretary of State William H. Seward.

At the time of the purchase, this was disparagingly called Seward’s Folly, Seward’s Icebox, or Andrew Johnson’s Polar Bear Park, as it gave the impression that it was imprudent to spend so much money in such a remote region.[3] The purchase of the land by the U.S. government in 1867 was a major step in the development of Alaska.

The signing of the treaty of cession of Alaska on March 30, 1867. From left to right: Robert S. Chew, William H. Seward, William Hunter, Vladimir Bodisco, Eduard de Stoeckl, Charles Sumner and Frederick W. Seward.

From alaska to russia on foot

Visit: Seward, Sailing Kodiak Peninsula, Sailing Aleutian Islands, Dutch Harbor, Saint Paul, Saint Matthew, Provideniya, Sailing Cape Deznew, Wrangel Island, Vankarem, Inchoun Peninsula, Anadyr.

Visit: Seward, Kayak Island, Hubbard Iceberg, Point Adolphus, Hoonah, Haines, Petersburg, Frederik Sound, Red Bluff Bay / Tebenkoff Bay, Prince Rupert, Haida Gwaii Island, Port Hardy / Alert Bay, Johnstone Strait, Vancouver.

Visit: Nome/Alaska, Little Diomede or Savoonga, St Matthew, St George, Unalaska, Sailing the Aleutian Islands, Katmai, Crossing the Gulf of Alaska, Sailing the North Pacific Ocean, Sitka, Sailing Frederick Sound Brothers, Princes Ruppert, Sailing inside the Canadian Passage from North Pitt Island to Royal Princess Island, Alert Bay, Vancouver.

Visit: Anadyr, Preobrazhina, Arakamchechen, Cap Navarin, Anastasia Bay, Natalya Bay, Olyutorskiy and Koryak Region, Verkhoturova, Tymlat, Commander Islands, Kronotskiy Biosphere Reserve, Sailing Avacha Bay, Kekumy Cape/Russkaya Bay, Petropavlovsk.

Distance from uelen russia to wales alaska

Guillermo, it will depend a lot on where you are right now, but basically you have two ways, by plane or by ship. There must be ordinary trade routes that make this crossing no doubt. The cheapest way would be in this case to put the bike on a freighter and take it to Russia, after resolving the relevant paperwork required, both the bike and its rider.

Hi Tarzan, thank you very much for your data. I tell you, I’m going with an adventure 1200. The route of the bones, I know it’s difficult and I’m willing to do anything. Among the options was to hang the bike with pulleys or a raft. The best seems to be the raft and you will see the photos and we will see the results!

I agree that the boat is the best and most economical, I was thinking of looking for that option. As for the documentation, I hope that being Argentinean and not needing a visa for Russia, the paperwork will be a little easier, we’ll see.

Very good trip, congratulations. I have no time limit, except for the winters, nor exact route. I wanted to go through Mongolia, so you can be sure that you have just added a route to my trip. Thanks my friend. Now to solve the passage from Alaska to Russia

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