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Welcome to Russia and Go Russia Travel Agency! For many people, Russia is a very cold country, however our hearts and souls are warm and we welcome our guests with open arms. Russians are among the most hospitable people in the world, with their ancient traditions of kindness and generosity.

Come to Russia and experience the courtesy and friendliness of this great land with the help of Go Russia’s travel experts. Go Russia is the trading name of GR Travel Group Limited, one of the UK’s leading tour operators, specializing in organizing vacations in Russia and other countries of the former USSR, Mongolia and China. Read more about us below.

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Inhabitants: From Cossacks to Yakut reindeer herders, Russia is an incredibly diverse nation. Our ethnic tours will take you to rural areas where ancient traditions live on.

Winter: There is nothing like Russia in winter. Troika rides, ice sculptures and vatrushka (traditional Russian sledges) rentals, all this and much more can be included in our tours.

Private Tours: Treat yourself to a private tour to Russia, where you can choose the date and places that appeal to you. We also have many additional options to give your trip an extra special character, such as our VIP excursions to museums.

Tourism in Russia has a lot to offer. Our mission as a travel agency is to help people like you discover its hidden treasures. Whether your trip is based on visiting wooden churches and ancient monasteries on the outskirts of the city or the thought of a night at the Mariinsky ballet gets your heart racing, we have the perfect tour for you.

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Live a different trip, full of emotion, culture, history, and adventures. Dare to try Russian gastronomy, enjoy red and black caviar, herring, borsch soup and of course, vodka.

The land of the Czars is the perfect destination for that getaway you are looking for, take advantage of the best deals on cheap tours in Russia, and enjoy with your family or friends an experience they will never forget, book now with Kerala Travel!

As soon as you arrive, don’t wait a second and go to see its spectacular symbol: the Kremlin and the Red Square. This area is much more than a government building located on a concrete slab, as in many other places. In fact, it also houses the Cathedral Square, the Armory and the Diamond Fund, the Lenin Mausoleum, the Alexander Gardens and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Necropolis of the Wall, the State Museum of History and the Museum of the Patriotic War of 1812, the Iberian Gate and Chapel, as well as the GUM Galleries.

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Ryazan, inhabited by 500,000 people, represents the administrative nerve center of Ryazan as a province. It is one of the most important Russian cities. Founded in the 11th century, the kremlin is the most important tourist attraction, featuring monuments from the 11th and 19th centuries.

Nizhny Novgorod, has a great strength and identity, which greatly influenced the change of destiny of the nation, gaining strength in the sixteenth century. It banned foreigners from entering its lands between 1932 and 1990.

Among the places a tourist cannot miss are: the Tretyakov Gallery and Arbat Street, to experience Russian art, the cathedrals and museums of the Kremlin and St. Basil’s Basilica in Red Square.

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