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It can also be managed through the authorized private company Central Russian Visa, which has offices in both cities, is somewhat more expensive, but the procedures can be done online and by mail.

Another mandatory document is the visa support or letter of invitation, which is processed by an individual or company from Russia, in this case it must be requested directly to the hotel. In theory it is free, but they usually charge for the management. If you have not booked a hotel in particular, there are companies that for about 15 euros perform this formality: HotelsPro or iVisa.

Once you have all the information: dates, valid passport, medical insurance and invitation letter, you must fill in the visa application form through the following link: visa application, then you must print, sign, attach a passport photo and deliver it to the office of your choice.

Upon arrival in the country, foreigners must fill out the immigration card, usually the customs officer does it electronically. This document must be kept until leaving the country again, as it will be requested upon departure. It should be carried at all times, together with the passport, as it will be necessary for many activities.

Things Russians don’t do

This way you will avoid any kind of problem at the moment of saying goodbye to Russia. The easiest thing to do is to hand in your documents at the hotel reception desk so that the establishment itself can carry out the registration formalities. If you are staying less than three days, it is not necessary, although prudence is always a good advisor.

Among the practical tips for traveling to Russia, it is worth remembering that the local currency is the Ruble. If you are traveling with Euros or dollars, it is best to change at the airport. The commission for currency exchange will be less than in the exchange offices on the street.

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Security is one of the outstanding issues in big Russian cities. Pickpockets are always on the prowl. As, on the other hand, in most of the European capitals. Avoid carrying your cell phone or wallet in your back pocket and be careful with your purse or backpack. The worst way to ruin a vacation is to be a victim of theft.

9 things forbidden in russia

The World Cup is getting closer and there is no doubt that Mexican fans will be present, since according to FIFA, they are currently among the five nationalities that buy the most tickets for the World Cup.

To get to any destination in Russia from Mexico City, it is necessary to make at least one stopover, since there are no direct flights, so the trip takes an average of 19 hours. Therefore, it is preferable to wear comfortable clothes, eat lightly, hydrate constantly and sleep as much as possible on the plane to overcome jetlag.

The official currency in Russia is the ruble and $1.5 pesos MXN is equivalent to approximately 5 rubles. It is recommended that your main means of payment is by credit card, since most places accept this form of payment; however, if you want to have cash, with your passport you can do it in exchange houses at the airports (take into account that you will need dollars to do it) or you can also get it directly from ATMs which will make the conversion directly. Before traveling it is important to check with your bank how much commission they will charge you for withdrawing cash in Russia and notify them that you will be using your card abroad to avoid any problems.

How to travel to russia for free

Among all the documentation that you are asked to travel to Russia, you have to prove a travel insurance to be granted a visa. As there are a thousand travel insurances, we recommend IATI, which is the one we always use when we travel.

Here we tell our experience, taking into account that we only visited St. Petersburg (see what to see and do in 2 and 3 days), a big city that has nothing to do with the situation that you can find traveling through the interior of Russia.

In Russia rubles are used, and one of the best options to carry money is with a card. You take it out from an ATM, which will give you rubles directly, without the need to look for an exchange house.

So, if you don’t want to be depending on the WIFI of hotels and restaurants because you need or want to be connected at all times, what we did was to travel with the Holafly card, with unlimited data for 10 days.

They send it to your home before your trip, and when you arrive in Russia, just insert the Holafly SIM card in your phone and it starts working. Coverage in St. Petersburg, which is where we used it, was perfect.

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