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Things Russians don’t do

It can also be managed through the authorized private company Central Russian Visa, which has offices in both cities, is somewhat more expensive, but the procedures can be done online and by mail.

Another mandatory document is the visa support or letter of invitation, which is processed by an individual or company from Russia, in this case it must be requested directly to the hotel. In theory it is free, but they usually charge for the management. If you have not booked a hotel in particular, there are companies that for about 15 euros perform this formality: HotelsPro or iVisa.

Once you have all the information: dates, valid passport, medical insurance and invitation letter, you must fill in the visa application form through the following link: visa application, then you must print, sign, attach a passport photo and deliver it to the office of your choice.

Upon arrival in the country, foreigners must fill out the immigration card, usually the customs officer does it electronically. This document must be kept until leaving the country again, as it will be requested upon departure. It should be carried at all times, together with the passport, as it will be necessary for many activities.

Trip to russia

What are the most common myths you know about Russia? I am sure that each of you will remember many of them: people drinking a lot of vodka, bears in a very cold climate, etc. But this has nothing to do with reality.

Keep in mind that, in St. Petersburg, due to (often strong) winds and humidity, it usually feels a few degrees colder than the thermometer shows. It is also typical for the weather to change sometimes during the day. So, even in summer, take some light jackets with you and don’t forget your umbrella.

You can buy a local prepaid chip (if you have an unlocked phone). The main mobile operators are MTS (MМТС) and Beeline (Билайн). Usually, for around 500 RUR ~ $8, you can get a package with internet and calls, which will be more than enough for a two-week trip.

The best way to get around the cities is by metro or Uber, so download the app in advance, as it is much cheaper to call an Uber than a regular cab, especially for a trip to/from the airport. You should keep in mind that most Uber drivers do not speak English. So try to call Uber from a place where it is easy to get through for you or from a restaurant or hotel, where you can ask the staff to speak to the driver. As an alternative to Uber, you can use GetTaxi or Yandex Taxi. Download all of them and compare prices before the trip.

Cosas que no se deben hacer en rusia

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Russia has a great tourism offer and, after reading this blog, you will have a complete picture of the Russian travel market and all it has to offer to tourists and tourism professionals.

There are bodies responsible for tourism development at the regional level. Russian regions and cities have their own tourism development centers, and visitor centers provide information about local tourist programs and spots. The visitor center is the first point of contact for tourists to get all the information they need about the place they are visiting. These are available in any city or region of Russia. The national website details what Russia has to offer tourists. It is available in several languages, from English to Japanese. was created by, a company involved in the professional promotion of tours and destinations in the Russian travel market, and is a leading B2B platform for tourism in Russia and CIS countries. All material on the website is translated into English and Chinese.

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