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You can choose the airlines you prefer for your trip. When you book a tour, you will be offered flight options based on availability and best value. In this way, you can choose the flight that suits you best. It is recommended that you book your flight as early as possible to get the best airfare available. Airline tickets are issued once we have received the deposit from you.

Yes, for sure. When booking a tour, just indicate your preferred departure airport and we will contact you with the best flight options. Please note that there are no direct flights from regional airports.

Transfer services in Russia are included in the tour package and you will be met and transferred to your hotel, even if the flights were not booked by our travel agency. Very important – please provide us with your flight details so that we can arrange your transfers.

It is not recommended to drink tap water in Russia unless it has been boiled or purified. You can buy bottled water and sparkling water in any supermarket and street kiosk in all cities and towns.

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Tax the flying rich: French Transport Minister Clément Beaune is weighing an idea that would help reduce carbon emissions while sending a message that all members of society must share the sacrifices caused by the energy crisis. He wants to restrict the use of private jets.

Governments can resort to higher taxes or regulation to ground private jets. One option would be to force them into the EU Emissions Trading System, which currently only applies to commercial airlines. Private jet owners would be forced to buy “emission allowances,” which function as limited rights to pollute, making the cost of their flights more expensive.

Any tax would have to be punitive to force movie stars or status-conscious executives to trade in their Gulfstream jets for a regular business-class seat. But the revenue would at least help offset some of the huge carbon footprint. And, unlike most taxes, there is little economic downside. CEOs who want to travel solo may decide to land their planes abroad, but this is unlikely to have a significant impact on investment in France. And the restrictions could be more effective if European transport ministers accept the idea when they discuss it in October.

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(In Cappadocia you will have the possibility to take an optional hot air balloon excursion at sunrise and participate in a show with folkloric dances in a typical cave, enjoying unlimited regional drinks.)

Breakfast and visit of Pamukkale, famous for its petrified limestone waterfalls that have formed because of the lime water emanating in the area. Visit of Hierapolis which has a necropolis of more than 150,000 tombs. Lunch.    Departure to Ephesus, the capital of Asia Minor in Roman times.    Visit of the archaeological vestiges of Ephesus, where the most important remains are the

Breakfast and departure to Bursa.    The first capital of the Ottomans.    Visit the Green Mosque and Green Mouseloe and visit the Silk Bazaar. Continue to Istanbul crossing the bay of Izmir by ferry or by the new bridge that connects the shores of the Marmara Sea.    Arrival at the hotel.    Overnight stay.

Panoramic tour of the city, founded by Tsar Peter the Great, on the banks of the Neva River. During the visit, we will walk along Nevsky Avenue, the main street of the city; we will admire the Cathedrals of St. Isaac and the Virgin of Kazan, the Palace Square and the Winter Palace, the Admiralty, the Summer Garden, the Battleship Aurora, etc.. We will visit the St. Peter and Paul Fortress, the first building of St. Petersburg, famous for its impressive cathedral, pantheon of the Russian Tsars. Lunch. Lodging.

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And almost everywhere they speak the same language! The pieces fold into an attractive picture. To prepare for my trip I read a lot about the history of Latin America, examined photos of the most picturesque places on the continent and made a list of ‘must-see’ places and events. So at the beginning of my trip I was full of stereotypes, prejudices and other people’s opinions about the countries I was going to visit.

On the third day of my trip I found myself in the Sonoran Desert with a column of 40 bikers. They all warned me that northern Mexico is quite a dangerous region due to widespread banditry, kidnappings and fights between drug traffickers. But those brutal bearded bikers showed me what Latin American hospitality is all about.

Over the course of several days we ate and drank together, had fun and rode 700 km. We got along very well, the guys were open, friendly and very cheerful. I soon understood that these traits are characteristic of all Latin American people.

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