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Distance Manila Moon City from La Union on the world map. Get directions between two points. Estimated flight time Manila Moon City from La Union by plane and distance by air. Information about ways to get ahead of approaching traffic flows, time difference and interesting facts about what else you can use to get to your destination.. Travel cost calculator.

Car route Manila City – La Union Moon was created automatically. The road on the map is shown as a blue line… By moving the markers, you can create a new route through the points you need.

If you decide to make a trip Manila Moon City from La Union by plane, then you have to fly the distance – 259 km or 161 miles. It is marked on the map with a gray line (between two points in a straight line).

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It is possible to travel between Manila and Palawan with Vuelo and ferry. Vuelo guarantees the fastest travel on this route. Ferry is the slowest option. The most expensive ticket will cost you EUR 174.06 if you opt for Ferry; to keep the price affordable, opt for Ferry which will cost you only EUR 174.06.

Things to remember: Keep in mind that some airlines may have restrictions on the weight of your checked baggage or ask extra for boarding pass, seat selection or carrying large baggage.

If you opt for a flight, calculate the time you will spend arriving and departing from airports, as well as the waiting time before boarding, the immigration process in case of an international flight and collecting your luggage from the conveyor belt.

The ferry can be an exhausting experience, especially if you tend to get seasick, and is often not the cheapest option available to you, although it will almost always provide a most scenic journey.

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As for mobility within the Philippines, we are slowly returning to pre-pandemic levels. Being vaccinated (a requirement to enter the country), there are hardly any restrictions. Only for some islands it is necessary to fill in a form.

In addition, this policy is the best for the Philippines because it covers you in case you have an accident not only while walking around Manila, but also while practicing one of the many adventure sports the country has to offer. We will be there for you if, for example, you have a problem while scuba diving or snorkeling or if something happens to you while canyoneering at Kawasan Falls.

It is not necessary to keep any quarantine if you comply with all the steps we have told you about. However, the Philippine government requires you to monitor your symptoms within 7 days of arrival.

Please note that these requirements may change at any time. At IATI we are constantly updating our articles, but before you jump in, it is essential that you consult official sources.

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