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Insecurity in russia


Air traffic continues to move out of the severely affected areas. In addition to the border with Russia, Ukraine also neighbors Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova, as the map above illustrates.

The zone was expanded from 100 nautical miles to 200 nautical miles from the Ukrainian border with Russia. EFSA says the expanded zone now takes into account the “risk posed by the threat of missile launches to and from Ukraine.”

Gwen Kozlowski, a Florida-based travel consultant, Central European travel specialist and president of Exeter International travel agency, told CNN Travel on Feb. 24 that her agency has received inquiries from travelers with upcoming trips to Poland, but so far there have been no cancellations.

“We have guests traveling in late March and April to Poland, but that’s more than a month away. It’s impossible to say now how this will evolve. We are basically in standby mode,” Kozlowski said by e-mail.

You can travel to russia without a visa

The European Union closed the entire airspace of its 27 countries to Russian aircraft on Sunday, following a steady stream of airspace closure announcements by member countries over the weekend.

The zone was expanded from 100 to 200 nautical miles from the Ukrainian border with Russia. EASA argues that the expanded zone now considers the “risk posed by the threat of missile launches to and from Ukraine.”

“We have guests traveling in late March and early April to Poland, but that is more than a month away. It’s impossible to say now how it will evolve. We are basically in wait-and-see mode,” Kozlowski said by email.

Tourists with short-term plans to visit Poland are advised to book accommodation in advance, “as some of the hotel infrastructure may be earmarked for those in need.”

“IATA is helping to facilitate the relevant and timely exchange of information with airlines from government and non-government sources to support airlines in planning their operations around the airspace closures in Ukraine and parts of Russia.”

Russia dangerous

It is necessary to cross the road only in the permitted places: at traffic lights and crosswalks. First look around carefully and only when you are sure that there are no cars on the road, cross the road.

Outside the university or university town it is better to carry your passport, migration card or student card. Do not be surprised if the policemen ask you to show your documents. It is not that they have something against you, but this is done to ensure your safety. Since terrorism is one of the main threats in today’s world. Russia is actively fighting against its manifestations believing the safety of its citizens and tourists to be important. Therefore, there is no need to panic when checking your documents, it is a common rule to prevent crimes.

You can travel to russia now 2022

Travel over 9,000 km through eight time zones and across two continents? No, thank you. They might call it ‘the adventure of a lifetime’. I imagine what’s really an adventure there is looking for a shower between wagons.2. Russia’s Far East

This place provokes a lot of questions for travelers: Why do people love to eat Asian food and spend their weekends in China? In fact, is this really Russia – here everything seems strange, especially near Vladivostok. There are subtropical and subarctic trees growing in the forests and vines with berries that taste like lemon. Sharks swim near the herring.

‘If I had a fortune, I’d live in Sochi,’ some say. Want to see snow and experience summer heat in the same trip? It is possible to do so in Russia’s summer capital, which has a subtropical climate, reaching up to 39°C. By the way, it was the city that hosted the Winter Olympics in 2014.

Try the local cuisine when you travel, it is often said. It will be fun. The thing is that Russian regional cuisine is somewhat confusing. There are more than 100 nationalities in the country with different culinary traditions, making the country an exotic gastronomic destination. Icy fish fillets, cherry pie, huge dumplings filled with hot soup. Chances are you won’t want to try these dishes with the strangest names and ingredients.READ MORE: Russian winter, from Kaliningrad to Sakhalin

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