Is it safe to travel to st petersburg russia 2016

You can travel to russia now because of the war.


On this page you can find some references, opinions and experiences of our clients dedicated to their visits to St. Petersburg, as well as photos of St. Petersburg made by tourists.

EKATERINA. THE BEST GUIDE IN ST. PETERSBURG. Punctual and safe reception at the airport. Excellent Spanish. Absolute command of the history of Russia and all the touristic places of St. Petersburg. Excellent programming to visit the surroundings of the city (Peterhof, Catherine Palace, Pavlovsk) with tickets purchased in advance and without queues or delays. Cordiality and excellent treatment. Absolutely RECOMMENDABLE. In June 2016 we will return to St. Petersburg and maybe we will be able to give the same opinion about her sister Anastasia. patagonian traveler….. b (Argentina, September 2016) Posted on Tripadvisor

Impeccable! Ekaterina was the best find in preparation for our trip to St. Petersburg. From the very beginning, she responded to all emails promptly, courteously and offering very complete information. She was always punctual, professional, kind and friendly. Her knowledge of the city, its history, works of art, legends of the royal family, etc, is vast. We learned a lot and the trip would have been much inferior without a guide like her. She also helped us make restaurant reservations, and even called the theater to help us when we made a mistake in our ticket purchase. The car we took part of the tour in was comfortable and clean, and her driver was very friendly. In short, do not hesitate to contact Ekaterina for your next trip to St. Petersburg. Thank you Ekaterina! Cynthia, Natalia and Eugenia (Argentina, September 2015) Published on Tripadvisor.

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Winter cold does not let up in Russia during February, so bring plenty of warm clothes, gloves, socks and the thickest coat you own. Temperatures are likely to be below freezing in major cities for most of your stay, except in more southerly locations such as Sochi, where it usually averages 6°C (41°F).

By May, the weather in most of Russia (even in some cities in Siberia) is more pleasant after the cold winter and early spring. Flowers are appearing, the days are longer and the calendar of events with parades, holidays and festivals starts to fill up.

Except for sporadic cold snaps, June in Russia is mostly warm during the day and cool at night. However, since St. Petersburg has almost 24 hours of daylight, there is not much difference between day and night, so you should bring extra clothes in case it gets cold.

Insecurity in russia

In Siberia it is always cold. Siberia occupies 10% of the terrestrial territory and as such has in its harshest places, between seven and eight months of winter and the rest of summer, with temperatures of more than 25 or 30 degrees in July and August.

The third option is to go from Madrid to Vladivostok, which means traveling between 13,500 and 15,000 kilometers just crossing Russia. Of course, you will visit Siberia, Lake Baikal and the entire eastern part of the country. Alex tells us that this is one of the most interesting trips you can make in Russia. Besides, many of the towns you cross are very well equipped, with hotels, refueling stations, wi-fi, etc.

Sending your own motorcycle to Russia is only possible by plane. By truck is not possible. Besides, it will be very expensive, about four or five thousand euros. It is cheaper to send it to Riga, Latvia, and start the trip from there. But we insist on the same as before, the most viable option is to rent a motorcycle there directly. And to return home? For example, from Vladivostok you can return your motorcycle home by ferry. If you send it, for example, to Rotterdam or Hamburg, it will cost you between 1,250 and 2,000 euros. It depends on the type of container you use. Of course, it will take two months to reach its destination.

Why Russia is dangerous

1.You decided to create Rusalia at the end of 2013 and since then, after a lot of content and hours, you have managed to create the most complete Guide about Russia that we can find and a Blog that has become a source of information followed by thousands of readers.

The truth is that when I created the website I did not plan at all to create a bog about traveling to Russia. Initially I created a website to offer my services as a Russian translator and interpreter and in which I started to create content related to the world of translation and the Russian language to try to attract clients.

Many people travel to Russia with preconceived ideas and when they finish their trip their perception of Russia changes completely. Many think that the paperwork and visa is very complicated, but then they realize that it is actually quite simple.

Others are afraid of the language and the lack of understanding, but in the big cities you can make yourself understood in English and people are always willing to help you. It is true that in the villages it is more difficult to communicate since there are not many people who speak English, but people always try to help the foreigner.

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