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The MAEC places special emphasis on the visa section and the state of the passport when traveling. It is safe to travel to Russia, but it is essential to carry a proper visa, with a certain validity for the days you are going to be in the country. If this is not the case and your visa expires while in Russia, you will have to arrange time-consuming procedures and you will be denied a stay in any hotel. In addition, you will have to make sure that your passport is in perfect condition (covers well glued, pages not wrinkled…), has at least 2 free pages and an expiration date 6 months longer than the date of departure from Russia.

In case you are going to make night tours by train, as in any other country, you should be careful with valuables and always carry them with you. Also, avoid taking unlicensed cabs, as there have been some robberies and scams.

It is safe to travel to Russia, but you have to pay special attention to the bureaucracy. In addition to having your visa in order, when you arrive in the country you will have to complete the so-called immigration card. You have to carry it with you at all times, as well as your passport, as the authorities may require it at any time. In case of loss, you have to go to an immigration office to get a duplicate made.

How to travel to the World Cup – Russia 2018

Yes, if you decide to travel to Russia for tourism, you must have a visa. This is a costly and time-consuming procedure. For this to be issued, you must necessarily provide the following information:

Once you have compiled all these documents, if you want to obtain your tourist visa for Russia you must go to the Russian Visa Center, which you will find in Madrid and Barcelona. Remember to apply for the visa as far in advance as possible.

As we explained, one of the requirements for the visa to be granted is that you have travel insurance. Specifically, travel insurance with medical coverage in Russia and including repatriation is required.

In Russia there are also restrictions on places where smoking is allowed. Smoking is prohibited in airports, health centers, restaurants, stores, etc. On the other hand, smoking in the street is not restricted, as long as it is smoked more than 15 meters away from train and metro stations.

THE WHOLE TRUTH about how much it costs to travel to RUSSIA 2022

Almost all of us have in our heads an image of Russia quite distorted by movies: gray and undeveloped cities, poor economy, mafia and little security. Nothing could be further from the truth. Russia is a vibrant, modern and totally safe country (at least the most touristic areas).

However, traveling to Russia has a number of peculiarities that must be taken into account before traveling there, to avoid misunderstandings, especially to take with you a Mondo travel insurance.

There are also other factors to take into account when traveling to Russia, such as its size and climate. Despite being close to Europe, many things work differently in Russia. This is what you should take into account before making your trip to Russia.

The months from June to September offer the best weather. That is why we have considered Russia as one of those Top destinations to travel to in June. However, it is also the time of greatest influx of tourists. In these months you will find long queues of visitors at all tourist attractions and with somewhat inflated prices.

Tips for traveling to the 2018 World Cup in Russia in Marathon (N

All those fans who have a ticket for any match, in addition to the so-called Fan ID, which is obtained via online from the official page designated by the Russian government, will be able to access the country with these two documents and without the need for a visa. But this measure will only be in force from June 14 to July 15.

The Russian consulate in Madrid and Barcelona are the bodies in charge of processing this documentation. The price for members of the European Union is 35 euros but for countries such as the United States it is 160 dollars (136 euros).

The normal processing time is between 4 and 20 days due to the great bureaucracy that the process requires. But if you need an urgent visa, the term will last from 1 to 3 days but its price will increase ostensibly.

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