Is it safe to travel to poland because of russia

You can travel to russia now


A week after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Przemysl train station in southeastern Poland is still a hive of refugees, policemen, volunteers and journalists who come and go at almost any time of the day, when the exodus to neighboring countries has already exceeded 1.2 million people.

The commotion is remarkable, but there is a type of volunteer who is characterized by moving quietly, slowly, holding signs, looking for the looks of those who arrive. They are individuals or members of hastily formed groups, who have come from all over Europe to get people out of the country. In their private cars, in chartered buses, they are identified by the signs on which they indicate their destination.

This social worker says he is speechless in the face of the humanitarian tragedy. “It’s all the fault of an idiot,” he says, referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin. And he draws attention to the problems in crossing borders for those who have left their passports behind during the escape. “So far we haven’t had any conflicts, but it’s a big risk.”

It is dangerous to travel to Europe during the war

There are no easy solutions to the crisis with Belarus. Not only are the Minsk demands unacceptable, but any concessions will be interpreted by Lukashenko and Putin as proof that their strategy is working. The EU will have to combine dialogue with firmness.

Thousands of people seeking to enter the European Union remain concentrated on the Belarusian border with Poland. In this interview, Crisis Group expert Oleg Ignatov explains how the events relate to tensions between Belarus and its ally Russia on the one hand, and Western governments on the other.

Belarus makes no secret that it will not block anyone trying to join the EU, but blames the situation on others. It claims that the crisis is the result of the West’s failed Middle East policy, and accuses the EU and member states of violating humanitarian principles – including their own commitments under various UN and EU instruments – to allow people to seek asylum.

It is safe to travel to europe 2022

The European Union closed the entire airspace of its 27 countries to Russian aircraft on Sunday, following a steady stream of airspace closure announcements by member countries over the weekend.

The zone was expanded from 100 to 200 nautical miles from the Ukrainian border with Russia. EASA argues that the expanded zone now considers the “risk posed by the threat of missile launches to and from Ukraine.”

“We have guests traveling in late March and early April to Poland, but that is more than a month away. It’s impossible to say now how it will evolve. We are basically in wait-and-see mode,” Kozlowski said by email.

Tourists with short-term plans to visit Poland are advised to book accommodation in advance, “as some of the hotel infrastructure may be earmarked for those in need.”

“IATA is helping to facilitate the relevant and timely exchange of information with airlines from government and non-government sources to support airlines in planning their operations around the airspace closures in Ukraine and parts of Russia.”

It is safe to travel to europe 2022 war

The State Department, working with the U.S. interagency system, is aware of certain military and intelligence entities conducting information warfare directed at Ukraine. These activities include the dissemination of disinformation and propaganda aimed at portraying Ukraine and Ukrainian government officials as the aggressor party in the Russia-Ukraine relationship. The purpose of these measures is to influence Western countries to believe that Ukraine’s behavior could provoke a global conflict and to convince Russian citizens of the need for Russian military action in Ukraine. The following are examples of Russian falsehoods about the current crisis and its causes, and the truth is also exposed.

FICTION: NATO has waged a plot against Russia since the end of the Cold War, encircled Russia with forces, reneged on alleged promises not to expand, and threatened Russia’s security with the possibility of Ukraine joining the Alliance.

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