Is it safe to travel to europe with russia

It is advisable to travel to europe 2022


Air traffic continues to move out of the severely affected areas. In addition to the border with Russia, Ukraine also neighbors Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Moldova, as the map above illustrates.

The zone was expanded from 100 nautical miles to 200 nautical miles from the Ukrainian border with Russia. EASA says the expanded zone now takes into account the “risk posed by the threat of missile launches to and from Ukraine.”

Gwen Kozlowski, a Florida-based travel consultant, Central European travel specialist and president of Exeter International travel agency, told CNN Travel on Feb. 24 that her agency has received inquiries from travelers with upcoming trips to Poland, but so far there have been no cancellations.

“We have guests traveling in late March and April to Poland, but that’s more than a month away. It’s impossible to say now how this will evolve. We are basically in standby mode,” Kozlowski said by e-mail.

War europe 2022

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You can travel to russia now that the war is over

Belarus , with Russian troop presence for the invasion of Ukraine, is currently at this second highest level of risk. Foreign Affairs advises against non-essential travel to Russia’s ally. Due to the large-scale deployment of military troops, travelers are advised to refrain from visiting regions bordering Ukraine.

Armenia is part of the same danger level. Travel to the Caucasian country is discouraged, except for reasons of extreme necessity, due to political instability and, above all, the recent armed conflict in the Nagorno-Karabakh area, a disputed territory with Azerbaijan. In any case, travel to this conflict zone should be avoided.

Apart from current or recent armed conflicts or border tensions, the rest of Europe remains safe, although in some foreign countries caution is called for in some neighborhoods or cities. In France, some outlying suburbs of large cities such as Paris, Marseille or Toulouse, are considered medium risk areas. In Italy , safe as a whole, there is also a warning for the city of Naples and its surroundings, with a high level of insecurity. The Foreign Ministry is urging extreme caution there.

You can travel to russia today

In addition to warning us which are the most dangerous countries to travel to, the Government gives us advice on how to avoid going to those countries. But do you want to know which are the most and least dangerous countries? Well, here is what we tell you.

There are countries like Russia because it is a country that is at war and although it is not in its territory the cities near the border can be dangerous. Belarus is another country that is at this level because it borders with Ukraine and is very close to the war.

Travel to these countries is recommended, but precautions should be taken. The countries to which this Government recommendation applies are: North Macedonia, Montenegro or Croatia which have critical areas.

France has some suburbs in cities such as Paris, Marseille or Toulouse that can become dangerous. The same happens in Italy, where in Naples it is necessary to be more careful than in other cities. In Ireland there are areas of Dublin where there are warnings to go out partying, in Denmark in neighborhoods of Copenhagen, in Sweden in the prefieras of cities like Stockholm you have to take extreme precautions.

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