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NOTE: Places are limited for “Advance Purchase” prices. We remind you that until a firm reservation is made, the place is not confirmed, so this special price may no longer be available.

Important: Due to the increase of the consular fee for the issuance of the Russian visa effective from January 10th, we are forced to pass on this increase in the price of this service. The new amount effective from January 13, 2021 will increase from the 81 euros published in our schedule to the current 84 euros.

In all establishments in Russia (stores, stores, restaurants, museums, transport, etc.) you can pay in rubles, or by credit or debit card (in places where cards are accepted). Only in souvenir markets or specific “tourist” stores will they accept dollars and Euros.

You can also get local money from any ATM (in Russian an ATM is called “bankomat”) with your credit or debit card. Visa, Visa Electron, Master Card, Maestro, etc. are readily accepted.

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In Exact Change, in addition to offering the best price euro ruble, we want to tell you everything you need to know to prepare your trip to the World Cup Russia 2018: How to get a visa to travel to Russia, Where is better to buy tickets for the World Cup Russia, …Let’s start!

Now it is easier to travel to Russia. On the occasion of the World Cup Russia 2018, the Russian government approved the possibility of visa-free entry to Russia. The legislation provides, that during the holding of sports competitions, entry to the Russian Federation by citizens arriving in the country as spectators.

What tickets can you buy and where? There are four categories of tickets. The first, the most expensive with the best locations, the second and third are outside the first zone. However, the fourth category can only be purchased by residents from 1280 rubles.

Tickets on the FIFA website can only be purchased by individuals. In a first step, you must create an account on the FIFA website and then submit the application with all the requested information (personal data, payment method, …).

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However, due to its geographical location, the winter months of the northern hemisphere (December to March) can be considered as low season. Although prices are not so different from those of summer, it is true that many interesting offers can be found for tourists and independent travelers.

As for the high season, in northern cities (such as St. Petersburg), it starts in mid-May and ends at the end of September. In central and southern destinations with a more temperate climate (such as Kazan and Sochi), the high season starts in April and ends at the end of October.

Since most Russian dishes are of peasant origin, most of the typical food is relatively inexpensive. For example, a Pirozhki (which is a kind of typical pie) is about 60 cents.

Alcohol is also very cheap, even cheaper than food in many cases. Although minimum prices are already being stipulated in stores, it is still possible to buy a bottle of Vodka for less than $5 USD.

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This banknote, the 100-ruble note, underwent a historic transformation this week. Russia issued a commemorative edition of the 100 ruble bill especially for the occasion. This special edition is also the first banknote to be issued in Russia without the image of a head of state.

On the one hand, the banknote is printed with a ball depicting the Earth, on which the map of Russia is highlighted. The ball is heading into space and in its wake appear the different cities that will host the World Championship.

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