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From alaska to russia on foot


In his first video entitled “Does anyone want to walk with me to Russia?”, he achieved more than 4 million views. And no wonder. In this clip, Andrew explains that it is possible to walk from the United States to Russia in just 20 minutes. Does the Bering Strait ring a bell? The Diomedes archipelago is the star of this curious geographical phenomenon.

Time travelAnother peculiarity found in the Bering Strait is the time difference. Despite the short distance that separates the islands, there is a 21-hour time difference between them, almost a whole day. The reason? Between the two passes the imaginary international time zone change line near the 180º meridian. Thus, if you go from the United States to Russia, you will travel to the future, while if you go the other way around, you will travel to the past.

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Satellite view of the Bering Strait, with Cape Dezhneva (Russia) on the upper left, Cape Prince of Wales (Alaska) on the right, and the Diomedes Islands in the center.Geographic LocationContinent.

The Bering Strait (English: Bering Strait; Russian, Берингов пролив, romanized or transliterated as Beringov proliv) is an arm of the sea located between the eastern end of Asia (Siberia) (Uelen) and the northwestern end of America (Alaska) (Tin City). Its waters connect the Chukotka Sea to the north with the Bering Sea to the south. It is 82.7 km wide between the vicinity of Cape Dezhnev on the Chukchi Peninsula in Russia, which is the easternmost point (169° 39′ W) of the continent of Asia, and the vicinity of Cape Prince of Wales in Alaska, USA, which is the westernmost point (168° 07′ W) of the subcontinent of North America.

Since 2012 the Russian coast of the Bering Strait has been a closed military zone. Through organized travel and the use of special permits, visits by foreigners are possible. All arrivals must be through an airport or cruise port, near the Bering Strait only at Anadyr or Providéniya. Unauthorized travelers arriving on shore after crossing the strait, even those with visas, may be arrested, temporarily imprisoned, fined, deported, and banned from future visas.[1] The following is a summary of the situation.

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A tiktoker has been the one who has made millions of people realize this particularity after sharing on his account the video “Does anyone want to walk with me to Russia?”. The clip by @andrew_lab has taken @andrew_lab by storm and proved, at the same time, that there is room for disclosure in an application fundamentally dedicated to leisure.

time moves backwards and forwards depending on the point of origin and destination: there is a 21-hour time difference. Between the two islands runs the imaginary international time zone change line near the 180º meridian. If you leave the United States in the direction of Russia, the future awaits you, and if you travel in the opposite direction, you will travel into the past.

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You can join this expedition in Anadyr or in Nome, Alaska. Those starting in Nome will fly on a Heritage Expeditions charter flight to Anadyr and join the ship and expedition members who have traveled directly to Anadyr.

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