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Actually it is always the same standard document, which consists of 2 parts: a “voucher of services”=”voucher” (in English or Russian) plus a “confirmation of reception of foreign tourist”=”confirmation of accommodation booking” =”podtverzhdenie” (in Russian). This document is issued by a Russian travel agency authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to issue it or a hotel entitled to do so. In most cases this document is arranged when you book your accommodation in Russia (but it is not automatic, you have to do it specially), i.e. when booking any type of accommodation, do not forget to ask about it (ask for “visa support”) before booking. There are also travel or visa agencies that manage it as an additional service. They provide a copy by fax or in PDF format. The visa will be issued exactly for the dates of stay indicated in the letter of invitation. Normally it is not required to present a reservation of air or train tickets to apply for the visa (you can read all the requirements on their website). The visa will be affixed to a page of your passport.

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Most foreign students enter Russia with their passport to travel abroad and with their study visa. Between Russia and some states there are visa waiver agreements. As a rule, the exemption lasts from 1 to 3 months, and is not suitable for permanent residence in the country.

For contract students, the university will arrange for the visa invitation. If you apply through Russia.Study, we will ensure that the invitation is processed within the correct deadlines and send you a copy of the invitation by e-mail.

To extend a study visa, you should contact the department of the higher education institution dealing with foreign nationals 30 – 40 days before the end of its validity period.

You will need to re-register with the immigration office each time you extend your visa. To do so, contact your institution of higher education’s department for foreign students.

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For prospective students from countries that have a visa-free regime with Russia, it is sufficient to present a foreign passport for entry into their territory (the list of countries with a visa-free regime with Russia is available on the website of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

In other cases, to enter the territory of Russia, in addition to an identity document, it is necessary to present a student visa. Read more details in the section “How to obtain a student visa for Russia”.

Register on our website and send your application directly to an unlimited number of universities at the same time. It is free of charge and without intermediaries. You can also ask any questions about studying in Russia to the representative of the international department of the university or the administrator of Study in Russia. We will be happy to help you find the necessary information.

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The visa does not guarantee entry into the Russian Federation, the final authorization is the responsibility of the Immigration Officer at the border. The application for a visa and the payment of fees and processing costs does not imply the right to the granting of the visa by the Consulate of the Russian Federation. Refusal of the visa by the Consulate shall not entitle the applicant to a refund of the amount paid for the fees and processing costs.

All foreigners intending to enter the territory of the Russian Federation must be in possession of a valid visa issued in their passports (a document of identity for travel abroad recognized by the Russian Federation), with the following exceptions:

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