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– Provide consular assistance and useful information.- Issue a passport or safe-conduct to travel in case of loss or theft of travel documents.- Provide information and contact information of lawyers to represent you if necessary.- Visit you if you are hospitalized or detained.- Ensure that your rights are not violated.- Hire a lawyer to defend you.- Cancel payment of fines, debts or deliver money.- Apply for a visa or regularize your immigration status in Russia.- Be a travel agency (exchange).- Cancel payment of fines, debts or deliver money.- Apply for a visa or regularize your immigration status in Russia.

– Hire a lawyer for your defense.- Cancel payment of fines, debts or hand over money.- Apply for a visa or regularize your immigration status in Russia.- Be a travel agency (exchange tickets or obtain accommodation).- Pay medical and/or hospitalization expenses.

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Actually it is always the same standard document, which consists of 2 parts: a “voucher of services”=”voucher” (in English or Russian) plus a “confirmation of reception of foreign tourist”=”confirmation of accommodation booking” =”podtverzhdenie” (in Russian). This document is issued by a Russian travel agency authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to issue it or a hotel entitled to do so. In most cases this document is arranged when you book your accommodation in Russia (but it is not automatic, you have to do it specially), i.e. when booking any type of accommodation, do not forget to ask about it (ask for “visa support”) before booking. There are also travel or visa agencies that manage it as an additional service. They provide a copy by fax or in PDF format. The visa will be issued exactly for the dates of stay indicated in the letter of invitation. Normally it is not required to present a reservation of air or train tickets to apply for the visa (you can read all the requirements on their website). The visa will be affixed to a page of your passport.

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The information on this page is based on historical averages and may not reflect current conditions. Check with local authorities for the latest travel recommendations.

In February, the cold shows no signs of letting up in Russia, so it is advisable to pack thermal clothing, thick gloves and socks, and the warmest coat you can find. In major cities, temperatures are likely to be below freezing for most of the days you spend there. The exception is the southernmost areas, such as Sochi, where thermometers average 6 °C.

Come May, after a freezing winter and a rainy early spring, much of Russia, including Siberia, reaches a much more pleasant climate. Days are longer, vegetation is in bloom and the calendar begins to fill with celebrations, parades and festivals.

Except for some cooler season, June in Russia is rather warm during the day and cool at night. In St. Petersburg, however, there is practically 24 hours of daylight, which means that sometimes night is confused with day. You’d better bring some warm clothes if you don’t want the cold to catch you by surprise.

What to do in russia

Ferry services operate in summer between Sochi and Trabzon in Turkey. In Vladivostok there is a regular roll-on/roll-off ferry service to Busan and numerous lines to the various Japanese ports, however, they are mostly geared to imports of used Japanese cars and less to tourism, there is also a weekly summer service between Korsakov on Sakhalin and Wakkanai on the Japanese island of Hokkaido. Cruise ships also frequently call at Russian ports. There is a ship connection from Lappeenranta, Finland to Vyborg. There is now a daily (overnight) service between Helsinki and St. Petersburg on St. Peter Line that does not require a visa for stays of less than 3 days.

Transporting a bicycle in a carriage is allowed for one ticket provided it is folded/disassembled compactly and neatly. Generally, the bicycle is removed from its wheels and pedals, placed in a bag and stored on the top shelf of the Platzkart car. The other class cars have less space or shelves and the bicycle should be more compact.

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