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The military instructor of Juan D. Perón; the first “editor” of Argentina and the typical bookstore “La cultura” located in the neighborhood of Villa Crespo are just some of the milestones that this community contributed to our country. Find out more about the Russian community in Argentina, which is the largest in Latin America.

But the Russian immigrants who settled in Argentina have different characteristics. To begin with, the local Russian community includes both immigrants coming from the Russian Federation and those who arrived from all those nations that were part of the Soviet Union, since many -before the dismemberment of the USSR- emigrated with Russian passports.

The first wave arrived from 1874 onwards. These were Volga Germans who, after the introduction of universal military service in Russia, emigrated to Argentina. They were mainly families in search of arable land and economic progress.

Most of the Russian immigrants arrived between 1880 and 1921, in those first three migratory waves. It was mainly a massive political emigration provoked by events such as the Russian Revolution of 1905, the October Revolution of 1917 and the civil war that took place between 1917 and 1922.

Migration from ukraine due to the war

There are unconfirmed reports that indicate the possibility that the first Russian navigator to reach the Alaskan coast was Semyon Dezhniov, diverted from his course to the Anadir River in 1648. Another legendary discoverer would be Fedot Alekseyev Popov, but there is no confirmation either.

The next contact with the American coasts would come in 1741, during the second expedition to Kamchatka of the Russian Navy (“Great Northern Expedition”), again led by Bering and his deputy Aleksei Chirikov. Separated by a storm after leaving the port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky on June 14, Bering drifted southward as far as Kodiak Island in command of the Sviatoi Pyotr (St. Peter) and came in sight of Mount St. Elias on July 16. Chirikov, on the other hand, drifted northwest, in command of the Sviatoi Pavel (St. Paul), discovering the Alexander Archipelago and arriving on July 15 at Cape Prince of Wales. Although Bering and part of the crew died on the voyage in November, the sea otter furs worn by the survivors on their return to Kamchatka in 1742 attracted enough attention to be considered the finest furs in the world.

Why Russians emigrate

The effects of the war launched by Russia against Ukraine are knocking on the doors of the U.S.-Mexico border.Hundreds of Ukrainian refugees arriving daily have a message for family and friends in Europe: the fastest route to settle on U.S. soil is to book a flight to Mexico.The Benito Juarez sports center in Tijuana, Mexico, which housed thousands of Haitians and people from Central America, is once again becoming an emergency shelter. This time for thousands of Ukrainians.

Causes of migration in ukraine 2022

It sounded like an exaggeration or fantasy, but now it has been confirmed: from Cuba to Key West, Florida, is a mere 90 miles, but some Cuban migrants have turned the world upside down to use (or try to use) Russia, specifically its cold eastern tip, as a springboard to get to the United States.

“The resident informed the border guards about the Cubans’ intentions. The criminal case against the foreigners, including the indictment, was sent for consideration to the Chukotka District Court.”

The western island, known as Diomedes Major, or Ratmanov, (Imaqliq, or Nunarbuk among the Eskimos) belongs to the Russian Federation, while the eastern island, Diomedes Minor, inhabited by an Eskimo community and also called Kruzenshtern, belongs to the United States.

Cubans do not need visas to travel to Russia and since the beginning of the thaw between Cuba and the United States it was mentioned that, among the different clandestine routes they were using to hurry to reach the US without visas before their migratory privileges were cancelled, was the variant of doing so by crossing the Bering Strait between Russia and Alaska.

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