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Free of charge you can receive only emergency medical care. For any other medical care you need a voluntary health insurance policy. In private medical clinics patients are treated without a policy. But in this case one will have to pay for medical care services.

The voluntary health insurance policy covers outpatient medical care services and on-site medical care services, hospitalization and transportation. With voluntary health insurance the doctor will treat you free of charge: it is enough to present your student card (or passport) and the policy.

The price of voluntary health insurance depends on the volume of services (outpatient care, doctor’s call to your place of residence, urgent stomatology, etc.). The price of the voluntary medical insurance policy is between 7 500 and 20 000 rubles (approximately $100 to $280).


Russia is a destination that offers a wide cultural and intellectual heritage, with landscapes that leave any traveler speechless. That is why we are facing a very attractive country for anyone who is passionate about traveling.

Traveling to this destination cannot be decided overnight. Keep in mind that you will need time to prepare all the necessary documentation to be able to enter the country. To travel to Russia you will need:

– A letter of invitation. For security reasons, the country will require this document, which must come from a Russian person or company. This letter can be requested without problem to the place where you are going to stay.

– A travel insurance with full medical coverage. In fact, Russian regulations require you to have a policy with extraordinary health guarantees in order to be able to enter the country.

Once in Russia, please note that you will have to fill out what is known as an “immigration card”, as well as a registration form at your destination’s accommodation. It is important to know that you should carry these two documents with you throughout your trip in Russia.

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You’ve made up your mind… You’re going to Russia! You’ve started looking at travel blogs, possible itineraries and…we’ve stumbled upon insurance! If you are about to apply for a visa and you are not sure if you need travel insurance for Russia, this article explains everything you need to know.

Some countries like Cuba or Ecuador require travel insurance to obtain a visa to enter their borders and this is also the case of Russia. If you want to obtain a visa for Russia as a tourist, it is mandatory to take out travel insurance with medical and repatriation coverage.

If you are traveling to Russia for a vacation of less than three months, we recommend Cap Trip, which meets all the requirements for applying for a visa for Russia. You will find Cap Trip insurance in the Basic plan, for the tightest budgets or Plus, for the most demanding travelers looking for the best coverage.

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The richness of its history, which has been shaped over the centuries by Mongols, Vikings, czars, Bolsheviks and communists, a cultural and intellectual heritage as rich as its surface and breathtaking landscapes are just some of the trump cards with which Russia plays to seduce travelers.

The experience of touring a country that stretches the length and breadth of two continents is the perfect opportunity to live an unforgettable experience. However, as we have already mentioned, Russia is not free of risks, many of them a direct consequence of its peculiarities. Issues such as security or health care can be a problem if you travel without having taken out appropriate travel insurance for a destination that will require a significant budget. While it is true that your vacation investment will be protected by cancellation insurance, Russian regulations require that your policy must have extraordinary guarantees, so you should at least take out travel insurance with basic medical coverage.

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