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Where do I book my hotels? When I travel I usually compare several sites but I always choose Booking for several reasons… They have the widest range of hotels, I usually find the best prices and I also have other advantages such as free cancellation or the 10% “Genius” discount. On top of that they match the price if you see it cheaper on another website.

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How much does it cost to travel to russia from mexico

Ferry services operate in summer between Sochi and Trabzon in Turkey. In Vladivostok there is a regular roll-on/roll-off ferry service to Busan and numerous lines to the various Japanese ports, however, they are mostly geared to imports of used Japanese cars and less to tourism, there is also a weekly summer service between Korsakov on Sakhalin and Wakkanai on the Japanese island of Hokkaido. Cruise ships also frequently call at Russian ports. There is a ship connection from Lappeenranta, Finland to Vyborg. There is now a daily (overnight) service between Helsinki and St. Petersburg on St. Peter Line that does not require a visa for stays of less than 3 days.

Transporting a bicycle in a carriage is allowed for one ticket provided it is folded/disassembled compactly and neatly. Generally, the bicycle is removed from its wheels and pedals, placed in a bag and stored on the top shelf of the Platzkart car. The other class cars have less space or shelves and the bicycle should be more compact.


Promotions, promotions and promotions! … Many Russian airlines run promotions in January, September and during some other periods, offering long-haul tickets at very attractive prices.  It is worth subscribing so that their updates are well informed.

It is better to buy train tickets in advance, at least one, better two months before a trip, not just before.  “Russian Railways”, the country’s main airline, has a “progressive pricing” system which means that tickets are cheaper if you buy them at least one month before your trip.

Regular trains are cheaper than premium service trains, but it automatically means that the trip will be less comfortable: the train may be old and the cleaning service is not very careful (or will not be done in general).  However, for a not very long trip (less than a day), this lack of comfort can be bearable and the price will be 30-50% cheaper.

Hostels are not as terrible as they are painted, especially youth hostels in big cities.  If you go with your company, it is possible to book a full room for 5-8 people, so the problem of accommodation with strangers will not be critical.

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You can choose the airlines you prefer for your trip. When you book a tour, you will be offered flight options based on availability and best value. In this way, you can choose the flight that suits you best. It is recommended that you book your flight as early as possible to get the best airfare available. Airline tickets are issued once we have received the deposit from you.

Yes, for sure. When booking a tour, just indicate your preferred departure airport and we will contact you with the best flight options. Please note that there are no direct flights from regional airports.

Transfer services in Russia are included in the tour package and you will be met and transferred to your hotel, even if the flights were not booked by our travel agency. Very important – please provide us with your flight details so that we can arrange your transfers.

It is not recommended to drink tap water in Russia unless it has been boiled or purified. You can buy bottled water and sparkling water in any supermarket and street kiosk in all cities and towns.

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