Can you travel to russia without vaccine

Sputnik V: the facts behind Russia’s vaccine


At the moment, the safest way to reach Amsterdam is via Estonia. In that sense, the Consular Section coordinates with the Estonian immigration authorities the entry – by land – of citizens who decide to be repatriated. Once in Estonia, the citizens will have to go to Tallinn airport to Amsterdam by direct flight (via Air Baltic). In order for the Consular Section to process the entry permit with the Estonian immigration authorities, please send an e-mail to, attaching a photo of your passport and air ticket from Tallinn to Amsterdam via Air Baltic, as follows:

Those interested who have confirmed their interest for the flight of October 7 should send until October 1 (23:59h) the air tickets from Tallinn to Amsterdam; those who confirm for the flight of October 14, send the indicated until October 5 (23:59h), so that this Consular Section can manage the entry permit with the Estonian immigration authorities.

The end of golden passports?

The MAEC places special emphasis on visas and passport status when traveling. It is safe to travel to Russia, but it is essential to carry a proper visa, with a certain validity for the days you are going to be in the country. If this is not the case and your visa expires while in Russia, you will have to arrange time-consuming procedures and you will be denied a stay in any hotel. In addition, you will have to make sure that your passport is in perfect condition (covers well glued, pages not wrinkled…), has at least 2 free pages and an expiration date 6 months longer than the date of departure from Russia.

In case you are going to make night tours by train, as in any other country, you should be careful with valuables and always carry them with you. Also, avoid taking unlicensed cabs, as there have been some robberies and scams.

It is safe to travel to Russia, but you have to pay special attention to the bureaucracy. In addition to having your visa in order, when you arrive in the country you will have to complete the so-called immigration card. You have to carry it with you at all times, as well as your passport, as the authorities may require it at any time. In case of loss, you have to go to an immigration office to get a duplicate made.

The problem with the RUSSIAN VACCINE (Sputnik V) – VisualPolitik

Please note: our clinics will remain closed while we develop new ways to help travelers. If you have a registration request or similar need, contact us through our online form.

Whether you’re an architecture fanatic looking to wander the cobblestone streets of Red Square or a traditional explorer hopping on a train in Siberia, Russia has some of the best food, people and most magnificent sights in the world.

Yes, some vaccinations are recommended for visiting Russia. The WHO and ISTM recommend the following vaccines: typhoid, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, rabies, MMR (measles, mumps and rubella), meningitis, TDaP (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis), and influenza.

Tuberculosis is a major problem for the Russian population.  While the risk for travelers is low, consider a two-step skin test or TB blood test after your trip if you think you may have been exposed.

Recommendations for travel without the COVID-19 vaccine

As of January 1, 2021, the Russian government has introduced a unified electronic visa for visiting the entire Russian territory. This electronic visa allows you to enter the country only once for tourist, business, humanitarian or family visit purposes, for a maximum of 16 days . The nationalities and entry points eligible for this visa are as follows. The average time to obtain the electronic visa is about 4 days. No invitation or voucher is required for this process.

To travel to Russia, the e-visa is mandatory. From January 1, 2021, you can visit the whole country with the unified e-visa. The visa for Russia allows you to stay 16 days in the different Russian oblasts in order to visit your relatives, for business, tourism or humanitarian reasons.

The electronic visa for Russia is available online for a fee of 69 € per traveler. It is not possible to obtain a visa for Russia on arrival, we advise you to apply online 4 days before your departure to Russia.

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