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Clarifying the issue of the RUSSIAN FRONTIER FINLAND and


Empty pandemic trains are far away. The “Allegro” express cars connecting St. Petersburg with the Finnish capital “are now fully booked for the next few days,” says one of the directors of Finnish rail operator VR, Topi Simola.

“I have no intention of returning to Russia in the short term, that’s for sure,” says Elena. However, despite the difficulties there, “it’s impossible to compare (the situation) with the horrors that are happening in Ukraine right now,” she reflects.


Could the European Union ban Schengen visas for Russian citizens? While this is increasingly being called for in the EU, thousands of Russian tourists use Finland as a transit country to the West.

In Russia, vacations are considered a status symbol. Countries such as Thailand, Cuba and Turkey are very popular, and now face a dilemma: Russians are staying away because of the war in Ukraine.

For weeks now, voices have been growing in the European Union demanding a suspension of visa issuance for tourists from Russia. These are the EU countries that have already taken a clear position on this issue.

With Russian license plates, Porsche, Bentley, Mercedes and other prestigious brands flood the parking lot of the airport in the capital of Finland, a transit country for wealthy Russian tourists after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Finland reinforces its borders to repel

Travel to FinlandHi, I am Cuban and I am married to a Finnish citizen. I need to travel to Russia for a family visa to join my husband, is there any possibility of a visa for Finland?

visa for my friendHello! I will spend a few days in Finland to visit some friends who live there, I am Nicaraguan and I can enter without a visa but a friend of mine is from Angola and he needs one, we want to spend the new year and 2 more days in our friend’s house, we are foreign students living in Moscow, thank you very much for your kind attention. Eduar Gelabert

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How Finland came into being and what are its links

The Finnish government agreed on Tuesday to reduce by 90% the issuance of visas to Russian citizens from current levels as of September, as a consequence of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Finnish Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto told the press that once this measure comes into force, Finnish consular services in Russia will only accept a tenth of the approximately 1,000 visa applications they receive daily.

At the same time, they will review current consular practices to facilitate the granting of humanitarian visas to Russian citizens critical of the war in Ukraine who want to leave Russia, such as human rights activists or journalists.

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