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The beauty of Malaysia’s beaches and its unspoiled nature can be found on the islands of Langkawi, or in its many national parks such as Taman Negara or Baku National Park, or in the jungle of Borneo, the huge island known for its orangutan population. Characterized as one of the best regions in the world for diving, the capital, Kuching is a fusion metropolis. From here, many excursions depart to explore the dense rainforests or to enjoy the natural beauty of the coast.

During World War II, the Japanese army occupied many important cities and regions, which ignited calls for independence and increased nationalist ideas among Malaysians.

The Malay peninsula was unified in 1946 and became known as Malaya, and in the next decade extended its territory to include northern Borneo, Sarawak and Singapore, although Singapore was expelled soon after due to political differences. Full independence from the British was declared in 1957 through peaceful diplomacy. Since independence, Malaysia has steadily grown to become a global Asian giant.

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Current border controls serve to further contain the risk of Coronavirus infection. Travel by third country nationals (i.e. non-EU citizens) is permitted only in certain cases.German and EU citizens may enter the EU and Germany at any time.

The groups of persons mentioned below are excluded from the entry restrictions. This applies regardless of the country from which they enter Germany or in which they reside, and regardless of the reason for their trip (i.e. also for short-term stays):  The nuclear family includes spouses, partners in a registered partnership, minor children and parents of minor children.

At present, there are still restrictions on the entry of Mexicans and third country nationals from Mexico to Germany and the issuance of visas at the German Embassy in Mexico City is very restricted.Please register directly on our website to arrange an appointment for your visa application.We offer two types of registration: one for students and one for all other categories. Please choose the category that corresponds to you, taking into account the following for your registration:Please take the following into account when planning your trip:

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Singapore is a major global city and one of the hubs of world trade, with the world’s second largest financial center and the second busiest port. Its globalized and diversified economy relies heavily on trade and manufacturing. In terms of purchasing power parity, Singapore has the third highest per capita income in the world and ranks among the top countries in international rankings for education, health, political transparency and economic competitiveness. Singapore ranks high in numerous international measures such as quality of life, economic freedom, education, health care, personal safety and housing, with a home ownership rate of 91%. It also has one of the lowest perceived levels of corruption in the world. Singaporeans enjoy one of the longest life expectancies in the world, the fastest Internet connection speeds and one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world.

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This variety of languages has a lot to do with the history of each country, with the colonial conquests, with the immigration flows and, above all, with the variety of cultures, ethnicities and communities that inhabit this region of the world.

I took this photo in Penang (Malaysia). A single sign demonstrates the variety of languages spoken in the country: in the photo the same message “fine for littering” appears in Malay, Tamil, English and Chinese.

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