Can filipino travel to russia now

You can travel to russia now 2022


From August 1 to 19, the TAIGASTRO Siberian cuisine festival takes place in Russia, showcasing the traditions of Siberian cuisine in all its diversity. They are based on the use of taiga products in the creation of dishes in conjunction with traditional and modern culinary techniques.

We at MIR Travel Company are very happy that Russia’s borders are opening up to more and more countries. We are looking forward to tourists from these and other countries and will be happy to make their first encounter with Russia unforgettable, and for those who have already visited our country, we can always offer something new and special. We remind you that to enter the territory of Russia it is mandatory to have a negative PCR test done not earlier than 72 hours prior to arrival.

Can you travel to russia now that the war has ended?

Actually it is always the same standard document, which consists of 2 parts: a “voucher of services”=”voucher” (in English or Russian) plus a “confirmation of reception of foreign tourist”=”confirmation of accommodation booking” =”podtverzhdenie” (in Russian). This document is issued by a Russian travel agency authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to issue it or a hotel entitled to do so. In most cases this document is arranged when you book your accommodation in Russia (but it is not automatic, you have to do it specially), i.e. when booking any type of accommodation, do not forget to ask about it (ask for “visa support”) before booking. There are also travel or visa agencies that manage it as an additional service. They provide a copy by fax or in PDF format. The visa will be issued exactly for the dates of stay indicated in the letter of invitation. Normally it is not required to present a reservation of air or train tickets to apply for the visa (you can read all the requirements on their website). The visa will be affixed to a page of your passport.

You can travel to russia now

The MAEC makes special emphasis in the section of visas and the state of the passport at the time of traveling. It is safe to travel to Russia, but it is essential to carry a proper visa, with a certain validity for the days you are going to be in the country. If this is not the case and your visa expires while in Russia, you will have to arrange time-consuming procedures and you will be denied a stay in any hotel. In addition, you will have to make sure that your passport is in perfect condition (covers well glued, pages not wrinkled…), has at least 2 free pages and an expiration date 6 months longer than the date of departure from Russia.

In case you are going to make night tours by train, as in any other country, you should be careful with valuables and always carry them with you. Also, avoid taking unlicensed cabs, as there have been some robberies and scams.

It is safe to travel to Russia, but you have to pay special attention to the bureaucracy. In addition to having your visa in order, when you arrive in the country you will have to complete the so-called immigration card. You have to carry it with you at all times, as well as your passport, as the authorities may require it at any time. In case of loss, you have to go to an immigration office to get a duplicate made.

Russia open borders

As for mobility within the Philippines, we are gradually returning to pre-pandemic levels. If you are vaccinated (a requirement to enter the country), there are hardly any restrictions. Only for some islands it is necessary to fill in a form.

In addition, this policy is the best for the Philippines because it covers you in case you have an accident not only while walking around Manila, but also while practicing one of the many adventure sports the country has to offer. We will be there for you if, for example, you have a problem while scuba diving or snorkeling or if something happens to you while canyoneering at Kawasan Falls.

It is not necessary to keep any quarantine if you comply with all the steps we have told you about. However, the Philippine government requires you to monitor your symptoms within 7 days of arrival.

Please note that these requirements may change at any time. At IATI we are constantly updating our articles, but before you jump in, it is essential that you consult official sources.

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