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Russia and the United States today


Once the applicant has emailed this information to, the Embassy will determine if we can schedule an emergency appointment for a visa interview.    At the interview, the applicant must demonstrate that he or she is eligible to receive a visa under U.S. immigration law. Submitting an appointment request does not guarantee an appointment, and confirmation of an interview appointment does not guarantee visa approval.

Because the range of our services is limited, only scheduled visa applicants (whose names appear on the daily interview listings), those in possession of an embassy-issued pass, and U.S. citizens who need to be seen by the Citizen Services Unit are authorized access to the U.S. Embassy.

Lost or Stolen VisasIf your U.S. visa has been lost or stolen, you should immediately notify the U.S. Embassy in Havana by following the steps below:

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The United States has recommended its citizens not to travel to Russia in view of the current tension with Ukraine, just after having made the same recommendation for that country and ordering the families of its diplomatic staff to leave it.

The recommendation comes shortly after the one issued in the same sense for Ukraine. In this case, moreover, the State Department has ordered the families of its embassy workers to leave Ukraine and has recommended the departure of non-essential personnel in view of the “threat” of military action by Russia.

He has further stressed that Americans should be aware that a Russian military action anywhere in Ukraine can “seriously impact the U.S. embassy” and its ability to provide consular services. It has therefore insisted that Americans in the country “should leave using commercial transportation or any other available private options. The State Department has also asked all Americans to register on its website in case of a crisis such as the current one so that they can be contacted if necessary.

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The documents required for entry to Russia by a citizen of the United States are visas. A visa to Russia is issued for citizens of the United States at Consulates or Embassies of the Russian Federation. When applying for a visa, an American citizen must show an invitation sent to him/her by an individual or a legal entity of Russia. The visa applicant must also fill out a visa application form and pay the visa processing fee.

Invitation to Russia for citizens of the United States may have different aspects, depending on who is handling the processing and the purpose of the visit to the Russian Federation.

Tourist visa – visa which is processed by the foreign citizen who expresses a desire to visit Russia to see its tourist and cultural sites. In order to receive a tourist visa, a tourist invitation is required for citizens of the United States.

When applying for a tourist visa at the Consulate, a foreigner may be required to show airline tickets and documents confirming the reservation of accommodation for the planned period of stay, as well as an insurance policy.

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U.S. citizens are “strongly advised” to avoid travel to Russia, the U.S. Foreign Ministry said in a statement. The decision is explained by “the possibility of harassment of U.S. citizens,” particularly by Russian police, and “arbitrary enforcement of local laws,” it said.

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