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The 4 seasons in russia


The range between the north and south of the country is about 1500 kilometers. Norway’s predominantly rocky Atlantic coast is characterized by numerous narrow bays (fjords) and almost 150,000 islands.

We recommend to most tourists the period between May and September as the best season for travel in Norway. In summer, when the days are longer and temperatures are higher, you can swim or practice water sports in Norway on sunny days. It is generally warmer in the south from May onwards, in the north only a few weeks later in summer.

Skiers and winter sports enthusiasts, on the other hand, appreciate the best time for winter travel from November to April. During this period, with a bit of luck, you can also get a good look at the Northern Lights on clear nights. The high season in Norway is between July and August, when many Norwegians go on vacation. In the Nordic town of Andenes, sperm whales can be seen between May and September.

When it is summer in russia

Upon arrival, you will be met at the airport and taken to the hotel where you will stay in the Danish capital of Copenhagen. During the afternoon your guide will meet you to brief you and give you recommendations for the free time you will have that evening. Lodging.

You will start the day with a hearty breakfast at the hotel. Once you have filled your stomach, you will head out to visit the capital and most populated city of Denmark, Copenhagen. During this visit, we will walk over different emblematic places of the area such as the Christiansborg Palace, the Tivoli, the Little Mermaid… Once this visit is over, we will travel to Jutland and enjoy its beautiful green landscapes. Finally, we will arrive at the second largest city in Denmark, Aarhus. Once here, we will head to the hotel to leave your belongings in your respective rooms.

At dawn, you will continue your route to discover beautiful scenic places of the Norwegian country such as glaciers, lakes, fjords, forests… We will start the route to Sogner Fjord, the longest fjord in Norway and the second largest in the world; but before arriving we will make a brief stop at the beautiful Tvindefossen Waterfall. Later, we will embark for approximately two hours by boat between the towns of Gudvangen and Flam. We will continue our journey through the white Norwegian landscape until we reach the old wooden church of Borgund, which dates back to the 12th century. At the end of the day, we will arrive in the capital of Norway, Oslo. From this point on, you will have free time to visit this wonderful city.

When it is winter in russia

The information on this page is based on historical averages and may not reflect current conditions. Check with local authorities for the latest travel recommendations.

In February, the cold shows no signs of letting up in Russia, so it is advisable to pack thermal clothing, thick gloves and socks, and the warmest coat you can find. In major cities, temperatures are likely to be below freezing for most of the days you spend there. The exception is the southernmost areas, such as Sochi, where thermometers average 6 °C.

Come May, after a freezing winter and a rainy early spring, much of Russia, including Siberia, reaches a much more pleasant climate. Days are longer, vegetation is in bloom and the calendar begins to fill with celebrations, parades and festivals.

Except for some cooler season, June in Russia is rather warm during the day and cool at night. In St. Petersburg, however, there is practically 24 hours of daylight, which means that sometimes night is confused with day. You’d better bring some warm clothes if you don’t want the cold to catch you by surprise.

How long is the summer in russia

On the first day, our guides will be waiting for you at the airport and will take care of your transfer to the hotel. In case it is early, you will be left free time to start acclimatizing to the city on your own. If not, it will be recommended to rest to start the next day’s visit.

After breakfast at the hotel, we will drive along the Skagerrak Sea to the capital of Norway, Oslo. Once there, some free time will be left for guests to acclimatize to this beautiful city, after which we will check into the hotel and rest until the next day.

After breakfast at the hotel, we will take the road to Stockholm on a scenic drive through the province of Varmland, full of forests and lakes like the ones you can see in the movies set in these northern regions. When we arrive in Stockholm we will leave some free time for clients to acclimatize to the city. In case they do not know what to do in those first few hours of contact with the city, our guides will be able to make some recommendations.

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