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But with the United States making clear that it sees countries that do not condemn Putin’s war as aligned with Russia, the world’s two most populous nations face increased international pressure to speak out, or risk being seen as complicit.

In the United States and Europe, leaders have framed their response to the invasion as part of a broader ideological battle to defend democratic freedoms and the rule of law. But for two of Asia’s major powers, those lines are more blurred, with experts suggesting that India and China are more motivated by their own interests.

Questions have already been raised about how much Xi knew about Putin’s plans. A Western intelligence report indicated that Chinese officials asked senior Russian officials in early February to wait until after the Beijing Olympics were over before beginning an invasion.

And while there is the potential for China to benefit economically from a more dependent and isolated Russia, Beijing will also be concerned that its companies will become entangled in Western sanctions against Russia. The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, a Beijing-backed development bank, said Thursday it was suspending all its activities in Russia as “the war in Ukraine unfolds.”

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The National Direction of Migration formed an inter-institutional Working Group for the coordination of activities for the implementation of the Syrian Program, coordinated by the Directorate of International and Social Affairs of the DNM, which has, among other objectives, the monitoring of the execution of the Syrian Program and the facilitation of the integration process of its beneficiaries with the Syrian community.

The National Directorate of Migration formed an inter-institutional Working Group for the coordination of activities for the implementation of the Syria Program, coordinated by the Directorate of International and Social Affairs of the DNM, which…

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Russian passport (in Russian, Заграничный паспорт гражданина Росссийской Федерациии, transl. Foreign passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation) is a document issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs to Russian citizens for international travel. This external Russian passport is different from the internal Russian passport, which is a mandatory identity document for travel and identification within Russia. Russian citizens must use their Russian passports when leaving or entering Russia, unless traveling to/from a country where the internal Russian ID is recognized as a valid travel document.

In addition to regular passports, there are two types of special passports for travel abroad: diplomatic passports and service passports (issued to government employees abroad on official business).

Foreigners coming to Russia faced various restrictions during the tsarist period; border magistrates could allow foreigners to pass within the state only with the permission of the higher government. During the Instability era, in order to travel within the country, so-called travel cards (in Russian, проезжие грамоты) were introduced, mainly for police control purposes. Peter I, by the decree of October 30, 1719, declared them mandatory for travel, following the imposition the compulsory military service and the capitation tax. In 1724, in order to avoid the possibility of evading the payment of the poll tax, special rules on peasants’ absences were established.

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Indo-Russian relations, Russian: Росссийско-индийские отношения and Hindi: भारत-रूस सम्बन्ध, refer to the bilateral relations between India and Russia. During the Cold War, India and the Soviet Union (USSR) had a strong strategic, military, economic and diplomatic relationship. After the collapse of the USSR, Russia inherited the close relationship with India. This resulted in India and Russia sharing a special relationship.

In 1468, the Russian traveler Afanasy Nikitin began his journey to India. Between 1468 and 1472, he traveled through Persia, India and the Ottoman Empire. The documentation of his experiences during this journey is compiled in the book The Journey Beyond the Three Seas, in Russian Khozheniye za tri morya.[16] In 1965, the Soviet Union was founded as the Soviet Union.

In 1965, the Soviet Union successfully served as a peace broker between India and Pakistan after a border war between them. The Soviet chairman of the Council of Ministers, literally the prime minister of the Soviet Union, Alexei Kosygin, met with representatives of India and Pakistan and helped them negotiate an end to the military conflict over Kashmir.

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