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This way you will avoid any kind of problem at the moment of saying goodbye to Russia. The easiest thing to do is to hand in your documents at the hotel reception so that the establishment itself can carry out the registration formalities. If you are staying less than three days, it is not necessary, although prudence is always a good advisor.

Among the practical tips for traveling to Russia, it is worth remembering that the local currency is the Ruble. If you are traveling with Euros or dollars, it is best to change at the airport. The commission for currency exchange will be less than in the exchange offices on the street.

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Security is one of the outstanding issues in big Russian cities. Pickpockets are always on the prowl. As, on the other hand, in most of the European capitals. Avoid carrying your cell phone or wallet in your back pocket and be careful with your purse or backpack. The worst way to ruin a vacation is to be a victim of theft.

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The information on this page is based on historical averages and may not reflect current conditions. Check with local authorities for the latest travel recommendations.

In February, the cold shows no signs of letting up in Russia, so it is advisable to pack thermal clothing, thick gloves and socks, and the warmest coat you can find. In major cities, temperatures are likely to be below freezing for most of the days you spend there. The exception is in the southernmost areas, such as Sochi, where thermometers average 6 °C.

Come May, after a freezing winter and a rainy early spring, much of Russia, including Siberia, reaches a much more pleasant climate. Days are longer, vegetation is in bloom and the calendar begins to fill with celebrations, parades and festivals.

Except for some cooler season, June in Russia is rather warm during the day and cool at night. In St. Petersburg, however, there is practically 24 hours of daylight, which means that sometimes night is confused with day. You’d better bring some warm clothes if you don’t want the cold to catch you by surprise.

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Among all the documents required to travel to Russia, you have to prove a travel insurance in order to be granted a visa. As there are a thousand travel insurances, we recommend IATI, which is the one we always use when we travel.

Here we tell our experience, taking into account that we only visited St. Petersburg (see what to see and do in 2 and 3 days), a big city that has nothing to do with the situation that you can find traveling through the interior of Russia.

In Russia rubles are used, and one of the best options to carry money is with a card. You take it out from an ATM, which will give you rubles directly, without the need to look for an exchange house.

So, if you don’t want to be depending on the WIFI of hotels and restaurants because you need or want to be connected at all times, what we did was to travel with the Holafly card, with unlimited data for 10 days.

They send it to your home before your trip, and when you arrive in Russia, just insert the Holafly SIM card in your phone and it starts working. Coverage in St. Petersburg, which is where we used it, was perfect.

What to do in russia in 10 days

Although the Russian health system is huge and very efficient, it is almost entirely in private hands. The high cost of medicine often does not make it accessible to all sectors of the population, so diseases such as diphtheria, typhoid fever, encephalitis and hepatitis B have not been eradicated. Although the summer is warm and pleasant, the Russian winter is historically famous for its rigors. For these reasons, it is IMPORTANT to have travel assistance insurance. The choice of the assistance plan is closely related to the type of trip you plan to take.

Every precaution is too little to be really protected and not just to believe that we are protected. An inappropriate or insufficient coverage can cause us a lot of damage at the moment when we most need to be calm and confident that everything is covered, avoiding huge expenses that we cannot afford.

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