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When to travel to Japan? Before you start organizing your trip, it is important to know the climate, seasons and weather in Japan in order to choose the best possible date for your trip: So, what is the best time to travel to Japan? The truth is that any date is ideal for traveling to Japan as each season has its advantages. Therefore, on this page we will summarize the most important points of the four seasons so that you can choose the best date for your trip.

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August and September is the time of typhoons, and this must be taken into account, stumbling upon one or several (it is quite likely in a period of 2 weeks) can spoil our trip. In this season our plans can be easily ruined by the inclement weather of rain and wind (I mean cancelled flights, not being able to leave the hotel, etc.).

Summer, not only has the inconvenience of typhoons, but it is generally very hot and the humidity is terrible, so terrible that it can make you not want to leave the air conditioning.

All these explanations about rainy seasons and temperature are variable per prefecture. I am referring to the more or less central area of the country where most tourists tend to travel. It is useful for Tokyo, Osaka, Kyota, Nara, etc. But it does not work for example for the southern Okinawa Islands or for the northern part of Hokkaido, where their climates are very different.

It should also be noted that from the end of April to the beginning of May (from 29th to 5th) the Golden Week is celebrated. A holiday week when many Japanese move around and travel, you will want to avoid this time, because the magnitude of people moving around is enormous. Prices go up again due to domestic tourism and you may have trouble getting train, hotel, etc. reservations.

Worst dates to travel to Japan

Are you thinking about traveling to Japan but don’t know when to do it? Calm down! Because in this post we want to tell you about the best time to travel to Japan, about the weather in Japan and about all those other things that influence the choice of one time or another to travel to Japan: events related to nature, festivals, low and high seasons, typhoons, etc… What is the best time to travel to Japan? Let’s start!

Something important to keep in mind when preparing your trip to Japan is that it is a very long country. And we are not telling you this because we like the obvious, but because the weather is not the same all over the country in all seasons. Sapporo and Okinawa are like comparing the Aragonese Pyrenees with the Canary Islands. You know where I’m going?

What happens if your camera or your luggage is stolen? What happens if you get sick and have to do quarantine? What happens if you have to go to the hospital because of appendicitis or a sprained ankle? What if the airline loses your luggage and you lose your clothes? Who is going to pay for all this? I’m telling you: travel insurance

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Before you pack your luggage, we think you should know that the best thing to do is to travel to Japan having taken out a good travel insurance. This is the only way to enjoy the experience to the fullest, as you will be prepared and covered for any unforeseen expenses or problems.

There is no doubt that Japan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The contrast between the most advanced technology and ancient traditions makes it a very interesting destination. Many people think that it is necessary to visit Japan once in a lifetime, so here we will tell you about the best time to travel to Japan.

During these months you will notice that the prices are lower in terms of hotels, flights, etc. You will be able to find more bargains than at other times. This may be the best time to travel to Japan for you if your travel budget is a bit tight.

As for the months of June and September, these are considered mid-season. If you look for accommodation in advance, you will be able to find different offers with lower prices than in other dates. June and September can also be the best time to travel to Japan if you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

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