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The monks seemed to me superficial and childish, it is full of them. The yogis were some profiteers who only spoke to you if you were premium (they spoke to me almost like a friend while a Californian niece of someone half famous I met was in the ashram; once she left, they didn’t even return my greeting).

It is not a spiritual place, it is the place of the most extreme inequality, saturation, tedium, misery, grayness and superstition. A naive and at the same time terrible place, overcrowded, false, flattering with the westerner, very little curious and without hope.

Who knows the composition of those who respond. If you are looking for comfortable tourism, like a middle class guiri, socks with flip-flops having lunch at McDonald’s in New Delhi… well, no. But if you want to see a really different place, a rich gastronomy, smells, landscapes, people, culture? With my eyes closed. It is true that I have not heard good things about Egypt.

For example, the city of Orlando. It has its own alternative city with its streets full of hotels and entertainment. On the outskirts, 8? 12? amusement parks. But nobody goes to Orlando because it is not a tourist center.


Based on the indications for the reopening of the economic activities of Mexico City and the Federal Government of Mexico, and the change to “green” color in the epidemiological traffic light, from June 6, 2022, the opening hours of the consular and cultural window will be extended.

Opening of the Call for Participants in the Training in Japan within the framework of the “Exchange, Cooperation and Business Generation Project for Nikkei Farmers in Latin America”, August 10, 2022.


However, it remains virtually impossible for all non-Japanese, other than permanent residents (which I am not), to enter the country. Even if I could convince the Vancouver consulate to allow me to travel to Japan, I would have to spend quarantine with my family for seven days in a licensed hotel, the costs of which I have to bear. With a family of four, this is very expensive, potentially very claustrophobic and very boring, and it also reduces the little time we could spend in the country.

However, we are fortunate. While we would love to see our family in Tsuruga as soon as possible, my wife and I can afford to wait, absorbed in the life we have built on this side of the Pacific.

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How to buy games on Amazon Japan?

Voting on Reddit: The fact that fans have no official news about GTA 6 doesn’t stop them from speculating as they please. Reddit is, of course, the right place for this, so there is already a vote for the next setting on the forum. Fans are currently voting in which city you should play GTA 6. You can choose from these cities:

Interestingly, one of these cities was already a setting in the Grand Theft Auto series. New York is probably best known to most fans as Liberty City from GTA IV. It is not known if the journey will return there in GTA 6. But there are some rumors that Liberty City should be added to GTA Online.

This city is what fans want: voting on Reddit lasts until April 14. But a favorite is already emerging. The Japanese capital, Tokyo, has garnered the most votes so far. A total of 5,700 people have voted so far (as of April 12, 2022). In second place, just behind Tokyo, is New York, followed by Others.

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