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It is, therefore, possible to travel to Japan from June 10, 2022. However, this is a moderate opening of borders, as it is only possible to enter the country on an organized tour and by meeting certain requirements. In other words, it is not possible to travel freely.

Although in Japan there is no risk of contracting diseases common in other Asian countries (dengue fever, chikungunya, cholera…), none of us is free from the possibility of, for example, spraining an ankle or getting a lumbar puncture while sightseeing. You might even be unlucky enough to have an appendicitis operation or other accidents that we never know when they will happen. Unfortunately, in Japan this could cost you thousands of euros and ruin your trip. Thanks to IATI Estrella you will be protected against this, you will not have to advance money or pay excess and, in addition, we will be there for you 24 hours a day and we will attend you in your language. Among the most important coverages of this policy are:

When to TRAVEL TO JAPAN: Good news and bad news

Japan is a universe unlike any other place you’ve ever visited. A timeless place, where ancient traditions blend with an eclectic cosmopolitan life in the most natural way in the world.

Arrival at the airport two hours before the departure of the flight, we will have previously put you in contact with our travelers. Check-in formalities. Departure of the regular economy flight to OSAKA.

If you have chosen the standard option we will go to Monterey Grasmere Hotel, transfer to Osaka Bus Terminal (OCAT) by airport bus. From the terminal to the hotel on foot with the English speaking assistant.

Note: The luggage will be transported separately by truck from the hotel in Osaka to the hotel in Kyoto and will arrive in Kyoto in the afternoon of the same day, this is done so that you do not have to carry it through the stations, it is an impeccable service, very normal in Japan that seeks the comfort of the traveler. You will have to leave your main suitcase with the porter in the morning.

Transfer to Kyoto Station with an English-speaking guide or English-speaking assistant (depending on the hotel chosen). The tour will be conducted with an English-speaking guide. Transfer from Kyoto to Hiroshima by Nozomi bullet train.


I have always been in love with Japan, as a concept. I mean, I’m not a geek or an anime or dorama freak… I’m not a Buddhist and I’m not moved by anything specific about its millenary culture. However, when all my friends wanted to fly to NYC to be on the sets of so many mythical movies, I just thought that Tokyo is really where I would like to go to discover a huge city with futuristic tendencies.

Soon after came “Lost In Translation” to confirm my suspicions that Tokyo was where I would love to “get lost”… although I suspected that my favorite place in Japan would be in the more traditional calm of the temples of Kyoto.

With Japan this had not happened, so I figured the time had come to put it right. I now understand that the trip had not “come about” because I had to go alone. Japan is such an easy place to discover and so safe that it would have been, always from my point of view, a waste to have experienced that first contact in a group trip, organized by an agency or with another person. Japan lends itself to (and also deserves) to be discovered with all the senses, savoring calmly… observing and living in equal parts. Traveling alone in Japan is fantastic.


Nothing could be further from the truth. Japan has many possibilities and options to travel alone, so there is no excuse. If you want to know all the tips and answers for traveling alone in Japan, read on!

Safety is a topic that always comes to mind when it comes to traveling alone. It is normal, but in the case of Japan it is something that we should completely eliminate from our head: Japan is very safe.

There are usually no problems with robberies, violence or scams. Although it is safe, it never hurts to be careful when it comes to having your wallet nearby or always keep your backpack closed. Precautions are never too much, but we insist on the extreme security of Japan.

In addition to this, you can download the Yubisashi application, a translator that helps you communicate in the Japanese language. It is available in English, but it will help you a lot to know how to pronounce Japanese words. It’s free and available for iOS and Android.

About trains, they are the easiest way to get around. Japan Rail Company (JR) trains are in operation and adapted to any need. Foreigners can buy the Japan Rail Pass (JRP) at sales offices outside Japan and also through the Internet by authorized official resellers.

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