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When it comes to selecting a destination for a solo experience, readers recommend some that are much better than others. Because some places stand out as being especially friendly to solo female travelers.

Whether it’s because they’re safer or less complicated for solo travel, these places are my top choices. They have remained as first-hand references of the best destinations for solo travel. I hope you enjoy the experience of traveling alone.

It’s a nation that never fails to impress me: Japan. One of my favorite nations to explore, although it’s hard to see the highlights of Japan in just 7 days. My favorite cities are Kyoto, Tokyo and Osaka. However, the experience I enjoyed the most was staying with Buddhist monks. You can also take your time and spend about a month traveling around the country by train.

For a solo getaway further afield, Laos. mind-blowing destination Nabongo also has Luang Prabang, among its top solo trips. “We went by motorcycle or bike everything perfect. to eat in the street like many other tourists seeing amazing temple facades.


If your vacation calendar does not coincide with that of your friends, if your partner does not fancy that destination or simply if you want to spend a few days with yourself. Traveling alone is an alternative and, at the same time, a challenge that many women are afraid to face. It is worth a try; those who have tried it, repeat.

Safety is probably one of the arguments that holds us back the most when it comes to embarking on the adventure of traveling alone. It is therefore advisable to find out about the degree of danger of the destination, its particular problems and other aspects, such as its level of respect for women’s rights, before deciding to go.

Three tips for safe travel1. Always communicate. Inform friends and family of your itinerary. Even if it is improvised, it is convenient that someone knows where you are staying or what your next stop will be. Always carry your cell phone with you: applications such as Safe365, Glympse or Life360 allow you to share your location in real time.

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Japan is a universe unlike any other place you have ever visited. A timeless place, where ancient traditions blend with an eclectic cosmopolitan life in the most natural way in the world.

Arrive at the airport two hours before your flight departure, we will have previously contacted our travelers. Check-in formalities. Departure of the regular economy flight to OSAKA.

If you have chosen the standard option we will go to Monterey Grasmere Hotel, transfer to Osaka Bus Terminal (OCAT) by airport bus. From the terminal to the hotel on foot with the English speaking assistant.

Note: The luggage will be transported separately by truck from the hotel in Osaka to the hotel in Kyoto and will arrive in Kyoto in the afternoon of the same day, this is done so that you do not have to carry it through the stations, it is an impeccable service, very normal in Japan that seeks the comfort of the traveler. You will have to leave your main suitcase with the porter in the morning.

Transfer to Kyoto Station with an English-speaking guide or English-speaking assistant (depending on the hotel chosen). The tour will be conducted with an English-speaking guide. Transfer from Kyoto to Hiroshima by Nozomi bullet train.

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The MAEC places special emphasis on the health section. In this sense, the Ministry indicates that “to travel to Japan it is highly recommended to travel with an insurance whose coverage is as broad as possible for any incident (health problem, traffic accident with rental car, trip cancellation…) since dealing with them in Japan can be extremely costly. For the same reason, it is recommended that the insurance contracted does not imply that the insured should advance the expenses”.

The medical infrastructure in Japan is very good and you will find hospitals and clinics in most places you visit. The problem is often that many doctors are not fluent in English and clinics for foreigners tend to be more expensive. Therefore, although it is safe to travel to Japan, it is essential that you take out good medical insurance such as IATI Estrella, with up to 1,000,000 euros of medical coverage. In case of an accident, we will provide you with the support to go to the hospital or clinic you need and, of course, you will be able to understand absolutely everything.

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