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Japan, the country of the rising sun is one of the favorite destinations for those who wish to travel back in time and get to know a millenary culture that, besides surprising, enchants; from the ancient vestiges of the Empire of the Rising Sun in all its plenitude, to the greatest advances of contemporary societies.

Meet Tokyo one of the most populated cities in the world and the most visited in Japan, and in it we find the most avant-garde and technological culture of the planet, all mixed with the most important monuments of the country as the Imperial Palace, the Sensoji Buddhist Temple, the oldest or the Tokyo Tower. In short, a city full of life with dozens of things to do.

Discover Hokkaido, the second largest island of Japan, famous for its volcanoes, a paradise for winter sports and hiking. Thanks to its six national parks with natural hot springs, it shows the less typical and at the same time the wilder side, growing among beautifully preserved landscapes. Do not hesitate to come and be amazed by the beauty of Sapporo, Hakodate and Niseko.

Travel to Japan July 2022

From its first appearance in 1907, through the famous anime of the 80’s, to the shocking and globally praised recent productions, Japanese anime is undoubtedly inherent in the imagination.

It is a fair that offers opportunities to encounter Japanese anime culture held since 2002 where you can not only have many activities but also purchase anime items. In the afternoon, we will enjoy Robot restaurant in Shinjuku. Walk in Shinjuku area with the guide (Omoide Yokochou and Kabukicho, bar hopping).

We continue to the Akihabara area, known as “Akiba”. Famous for its numerous electronic stores and specialized in anime and manga products. In this area we will venture the curious experience of the Maid Café (Kawaii experience).

Travel to Japan 2022

In addition, most all-inclusive trips to Japan include the JR Pass, with which the traveler can move around with ease by taking as many trains as he or she wishes. Of course, most vacations to Japan will start in the metropolis of Tokyo, the world’s most populous city and the country’s capital. Other major cities in Japan visited on package tours include Kyoto, ancient Kanazawa and Osaka.

Prior to written history, Japan is believed to have had two distinct periods, the Jomon period, when settlers from the Asian mainland made their way to the islands, and the Yayoi period, when Japan’s first distinction as a country was made, under the leadership of Queen Himiko.

The 6th century saw the introduction of Buddhism to Japan, brought by believers from modern Korea. Perhaps the most iconic moment in Japanese history that sparks the imagination and has been immortalized in numerous films is the Shogunate period.

This was a time when the Samurai warrior class held much of the power in the country. Although the Emperor was at the top of the hierarchy, the head of the military, known as the Shogun, possessed the greatest authority, as he had direct control of the wealthy landowners, or “daimyo,” whose lands were protected by the Samurai.

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