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And it’s finally here! It seemed like it was never going to happen because we had bought our flights a century ago… but it arrived. Japan! What a wonderful country! And in this mega guide to Japan we only hope we can convey to you how much we already love this wonderful Asian country that has been our home for three weeks.

When we started planning our Japan tour, which lasted a total of 21 days (not counting flight days), we were clear about what we wanted to see in Japan and which areas we wanted to spend the most time in. I wish we could have planned a three-month trip to visit all the areas we had left to see, which were many, especially the northernmost and southernmost parts of the country. Here are the highlights we visited in Japan:

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Japan is the land of the Rising Sun, of temples, Geishas, kimonos, anime and cherry blossoms, a place that every traveler should visit. Below you will find my travel guide to Japan with information, tips and details by city to make your next trip unforgettable, let’s get started!

My trip to the Land of the Rising Sun has been the best trip of my life, it is one of the most incredible, beautiful, breathtaking and safe places I have ever known. I firmly believe it should be on every traveler’s list. Below, you will find the most important details about this country.

The first point of this travel guide to Japan. From my point of view, the ideal time to visit is during March and April. During those months there is good weather, little rain, but above all it is Hanami season.  Finally, I must say that it is one of the most beautiful natural spectacles in the world.

Traveling to the Land of the Rising Sun is quite an experience, but many people think it is expensive. So one of the most recurrent questions is to know how much it costs to travel to this beautiful country, thinking about that I created a detailed guide where you will find:

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Travel Guides to JapanPlan your trip to Japan with one of the most complete travel guides, here in Casa del Libro. Japan is an incredible country with a culture and language very different from ours. Therefore, it is essential to have a travel guide to help you. With the guide you will be able to plan routes, choose what to visit and discover among all its treasures those that interest you the most. Japan offers spectacular scenery, world-famous cuisine and bustling cities that live side by side with quiet, traditional regions. The travel guides help you to discover the most attractive and interesting places adapted to your tastes: culture, gastronomy, traditions, sports, history or technology. In addition, they offer suggestions with different prices, activities, restaurants and accommodations. Enjoy your vacations in Japan. Explore Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka and get around with ease thanks to the top-rated Japan guides. What do you want to know about Japan?

What to wear and what not to wear, how to behave in everyday life and in business meetings, the rules of etiquette, formal and informal, tips on how to get around, where to stay, how to behave and what to do in Japan.

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It is one of the most relevant tourist attractions of that city. It is a difficult visit, of course, but that should not be missed if you travel to Hiroshima or are on a route near Miyajima.

The temple is located Todaiji is at the northern end of the park of Nara, is one of the most popular monuments among visitors who go to Japan and one of the reasons why to go to Nara, without any doubt,

The tour in Todaiji Temple begins at the Nandaimon gate, an incredible 20-meter wooden gate covered on both sides, as usual in this type of gate, by two Nio guards, two sculptures that together with the gate, dating from 1199 and are national treasures.

This shrine is one of the major tourist attractions on the island of Miyajima, very close to the city of Hiroshima, and in turn was named a World Heritage Site and one of the three most beautiful landscapes in Japan.

And this is not something that should come as a surprise, since Itsukushima Shrine is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and best kept Shinto shrines in the country, as well as being a beautiful example of traditional architecture in an incredible natural environment such as Miyajima Island.

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