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SELF-GUIDED TOURSThe best way to get to know JapanFor the independent, adventurous, and passionate. If you love to travel on your own, but with the help and willingness to experience Japan to the fullest, our self-guided tours are the perfect ticket for you.

We are a team of Japanese expatriates living in Latin America. We share with you the anticipation you feel before venturing on a trip, coupled with local knowledge and experience. You can be sure that we will make your trip a memorable one, in addition to offering you an experience in your native language.

We are passionate about the details! Let us make sure you get the best table in the restaurant, and a seat in the right place on the plane to enjoy the best scenery. Your personal travel planner will work with you from the first consultation to ensure your safe return home. We will provide you with a local 24-hour phone number to contact you during your journey, courtesy of the Japan Travel team!

Travel to Japan 2022

14 days. Group min / max: 4 / 10. Departures: January 10 and 24, February 7 and 21, March 6 and 20, April 3 and 24. May 15 and 29, June 28, July 10 and 24, August 14 and 21, September 11 and 25, October 9 and 23, November 6 and 20, and December 4 and 18, 2020. Price: 3,650 € + 422 € taxes.

A tour of Japan in a small group with an English-speaking guide that will take us from the modern city of Tokyo to the Japanese Alps. A romantic circuit through the hidden Japan in Takayama, Shirakagawo and Kanazawa. Before returning home, we will enjoy the treasures of the ancient capital Kyoto and Nara. Finally we will sleep in one of Japan’s most sacred places, Koyasan and Osaka, Japan’s third largest city after Tokyo and Yokohama, known for its castle and the entertainment district of Dotombori and Namba (see more).

In late March-early April comes one of the most important moments in Japanese life; the ‘sakura’ has long been considered in Japan a symbol of ephemeral beauty, a metaphor for life, bright and beautiful, but fragile and fleeting. This announcement of spring is the occasion to stroll under the lushness of flowers with delicate pink tones and, above all, to drink, eat, chat and sing. In the parks, tablecloths are spread out, sometimes from the early hours of the day, to celebrate a happy feast with friends and neighbors (see more).

H.i.s travel agency

Among our trips you will find different tours in Japan with different approaches, designed to suit every type of person. Discover the country for the first time with our Essential Japan tour, climb Mount Fuji in our Wild Japan or travel back in time with our Feudal Japan, among other experiences. Visit Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka or Mount Fuji among other places in Japan with one of our guides.

In addition, we advise you in the preparation of the trip, solving all your doubts before departure. Feel the tranquility of leaving everything important in the hands of experts and be able to focus on enjoying the experience.

We always work with small groups of 8 to 12 people. This allows us to give a much more personalized attention to each traveler, to move fluently around the country and to reach places where large groups do not reach.

Here is also key the work of our team of guides, with extensive knowledge of Japanese culture and are always willing to tell you something beyond what they come in the typical travel guides.

Travel to Japan

Japan is in fashion and it is probably the most exotic destination that one can find. Its culture, architecture, tradition? There is no detail that fails to catch our attention, and the best thing is that moving around is easy and safety is total.

Other very cliché images associated with trips to Japan are the geishas, snow-capped Mount Fuji, sushi and Japanese gardens. But Japan is much more than that, and the traveler will be able to enjoy both Japanese clichés and more unknown aspects of the country.

Gastronomy is another of the strong points of trips to Japan, based mainly on top quality products. You can taste the best fish in the world near the Tsukiji Fish Market or a Kobe beef steak that will take your breath away. And what about onigiri, sashimi, sushi, udon, soba, ….

If you have already decided and the result has been to travel to Japan, there are many things you should find out about before leaving for your next destination. It is always better to be prepared to avoid bad surprises and, above all, not to miss the best places and activities to visit and do.

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