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It is clear to us that traveling to Japan on your own is a before and after in the travel experiences of anyone who chooses this corner of the world. We don’t know anyone who hasn’t been impressed by it. When we are asked about the place we would recommend the most in a two-week tour of Japan, it is impossible for us to choose just one.

The big question you ask yourself when organizing your trip to Japan on your own. As always, it will depend on how many days you have available and what you want to see, but we think that 15 days is the minimum time. During 2 weeks you will be able to visit places like Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Wakayama, for example.

Traveling to Japan on your own is not that expensive. Prices in cities like Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto are similar to those in Madrid or Barcelona. The exception, undoubtedly, is the accommodation, much more expensive than in Europe and at the level of places like New York or Hong Kong. Although if you search, you can find cheap accommodations.

But how much can you spend on a trip to Japan on your own? Calculate an average expenditure of between 100 and 120 euros per day, which includes an average accommodation (3 star hotel between 70 and 100 euros per night in a double room), food (between 500 and 1000 Y), transportation (one of the most expensive things along with accommodation. Japan Rail Pass for 14 days costs 366 euros – 26 euros per day) and entrance fees to monuments (between 500 and 2000 Y).

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This is how we want to help you get your trip off to a good start and make sure you have everything you need to enjoy a spectacular country. We have put all these tips into practice on our trips, and they work!

We could tell you many more things, in fact in our talks at manga and Japanese culture fairs this kind of talks are very successful. But in the end, we had to make a selection based on the most frequent questions we usually receive.

We hope that with all these ideas and tips your tourist trip to Japan will be even easier and more enjoyable. And remember that you can plan your trip to Japan with a list of interests. Because not everyone who travels to Japan wants to see the same things. On this page we have linked you have contents about castles, about food and drink, about nature, about temples and shrines, etc.

Many people are surprised when they start to discover how big this country is. Therefore, it is very important to think in advance what you want to see in Japan. Especially depending on the time you have available. It is not the same to make a first visit of 7 or 10 days than to have 3 weeks or even more. For this we have recommended itineraries for all tastes.

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Japan, an incredible country to travel, full of spectacular places, culture different from ours, wonderful people… Do you want us to help you plan your trip to this Asian country? Well, here are 15 tips to travel to Japan with peace of mind.

This search engine helps us to find the flights that fit us by timetable, duration and approximate price range. Once the flight is chosen, we usually buy the ticket directly with the airline.

In this post where we tell you how to book cheap accommodation in less than a minute, we told you how the other day we saved £300 on a hotel reservation for 7 days. It’s worth looking a little bit to make a trip like this more affordable, isn’t it? We got it thanks to the website below:

Hyperdia: It offers detailed information about JR train tickets, timetables, stations, journey times and exact distances that will help you organize your travels in Japan. Android /IOS

Japan is not as expensive as the United States but it is, so don’t hesitate travel with travel insurance, so if something should happen you know what to do and you will have someone to take care of you.

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If you are thinking “I want to go to Japan but I don’t know where to start organizing my trip” this is your site. Some first recommendations for beginners to prepare your perfect trip. Little by little, you will be able to go deeper into my itinerary to get to know my route: from the most traditional in Kyoto, through the nature of the Japanese Alps and ending with the trip to Tokyo.

With August 2015 information, visiting Japan in August would not be the best of your options if you want to avoid the rain. A friend of mine went on a trip to Tokyo in August and suffered from the rain which was not entirely unpleasant due to the high temperatures. So if you want to travel to Japan in August, don’t forget your raincoat.

Spring is the bucolic season par excellence in Japan. The cherry trees are dressed with their beautiful flowers for the enjoyment of tourists and locals. The best month to visit is late April and early May, where rainfall is infrequent and the temperature is very mild.

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