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Breakfast. City tour where we will see the Imperial Palace, the Meiji Shrine, the Asakusa Kannon Temple with the Nakamise shopping street. Visit the Ginza district famous for its large concentration of department stores, boutiques and restaurants.

Breakfast and visit the Hakone National Park where we will take a cruise on Lake Ashi where we can enjoy wonderful views and the famous cable car Komagatake Ropeway. Lunch. Then we will head to Owakunadi Valley famous for its active sulfur vents and hot springs.

Breakfast and transfer to Tokyo station for departure by train to Kyoto. Arrival and visit to Todaiji Temple with the Great Buddha, we will go to Nara Park (the park of the sacred deer). Lunch. We will be able to see from the coach the five-story Pagoda of Kofukuji Temple.

Breakfast. Departure to visit the Heian Shinto Shrine. Then continue the visit to the Kinkakuji Temple famous for the Golden Pavilion and later stroll through the streets of the Gion district, old town of Kyoto, where most of the Geisha live.

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Joe Biden will visit Japan and South Korea on his first trip to Asia as U.S. president and will carry a clear message to China, advisers and analysts say: don’t try what Russia did in Ukraine anywhere in Asia and especially not in Taiwan.

“In essence, this trip is about building a network of alliances in East Asia, in part to counter any Chinese action against Taiwan,” said Evan Medeiros, an Asia specialist in the Barack Obama administration.

The U.S. administration has not presented a plan to counter Beijing if it takes steps to retake the autonomous island of Taiwan, even as its intelligence notes that preparations are underway.

How long is it from korea to japan by plane?

We recommend spending 4 days in which you will visit amazing places such as the districts of Shibuya, Shinjuku, Asakusa, Ginza and the impressive Tokyo Skytree viewpoint. We recommend activities such as a visit to the contemporary museum TeamLab Borderless and a show at the famous Robot Restaurant.

Hiroshima became the first city to suffer a nuclear bomb attack in 1945, today it is a symbol of resilience and a worldwide example for having not only survived such an event, but also for having become the modern city it is today.

We recommend a two-day visit to dedicate one day to the historic center of Hiroshima, and the other day to visit the beautiful island of Mijayima, where you will see deer everywhere and dazzling Buddhist temples.

It is the largest city in South Korea and another Asian capital where you can experience the great contrast between traditional and modernity. Korean food is another unmissable point of this visit, you can not miss the Bibimbap and its thousand ways to prepare fried chicken.

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