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The Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Kazuyoshi Akaba, announced this afternoon that the government will reconsider the start of the “Go To Travel” program, a measure to stimulate domestic tourism, seriously affected by the coronavirus.

“Taking into account the status of infections, we will exclude destinations in Tokyo and those residing there from the program,” Minister Akaba said after a consultation meeting with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Several local governors have expressed doubts about the safety of the domestic tourism stimulus program and there are fears that it could end up spreading the virus across the country. Governor Yuriko Koike called on the central government to “think again about the timing and method of implementing the program”.

For his part, Hirofumi Yoshimura, governor of Osaka, argued that “Go To Travel” should not be implemented nationwide at this time. “In regions such as Kanto and Kansai, it should be done gradually,” he said.

Starting July 22, the government will begin subsidizing lodging and transportation fares for tourism. Initially, it plans to offer discounts of 35% of total costs per person covering, from September, an additional 15% with coupons to be issued for food, shopping and other travel activities.

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We will begin this article by explaining that we are writing these lines from Japan. We traveled to Japan in 2019 with the intention of preparing travel guides for Donde Viajar and preparing tourist articles that would help those who had planned to go to the country of the rising sun on the occasion of the Olympic Games. But some time after arriving you know what happened around the world, we settled in, got comfortable and flowed getting more and more into the Japanese culture to fully enjoy it, albeit with limitations.

Residents from other parts of Japan can benefit from the promotion, with discounts of up to 50% off on hotel accommodation, restaurants, transportation, access to tourist sites and attractions, and even shopping.

The first phase was carried out between July 22 and August 31. During this period of time a 35% discount was given on hotel reservations, transport tickets, restaurants and other types of services. As of September 1, travelers will not only get this discount, but will also receive 15% in the form of coupons that they can use at their destination. This is how the 50% discount we were talking about will be reached.

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On the first day of a 4-day weekend for which the government has been forking out much-opposed traveling coupons to boost inter-prefectural travel, Tokyo records its worst ever number of new infections.

Asahi report on how the government’s “Go To Travel” campaign slogan has English speakers winning. Spokesman says it was chosen because “Go”, “To”, and “Travel” are all easily understood words in Japan. https://t.co/eTwtxmEdnK

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The government of Japan, in an attempt to revive this area, has created a travel program called “Go To Travel” which aims to support domestic travel by providing a dedicated pot of money to pay for travel for applicants, all while spending a minimum of 10,000 yen for a day trip or 20,000 yen for an overnight stay.

This program was scheduled to be launched in early August, but will be launched on July 22. But because of the recent wave of infections in Japan’s capital, Tokyo, officials and leaders of various localities in Japan are seeking to limit the program to places that can be visited.

In other places such as the city of Mutsu in Aomori Prefecture, the mayor, Soichiro Miyashita, is planning to close tourism-related sites to prevent a new wave of infection.

But not only are there comments against the plan, the governor of Wakayama, Yoshinobu Nisaka, mentions that the program is necessary and needs to increase and support tourism in the nation.

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