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Nothing could be further from the truth. Japan has many possibilities and options to travel alone, so there is no excuse. If you want to know all the tips and answers to travel alone in Japan, keep reading!

Safety is a topic that always comes to mind when it comes to traveling alone. It is normal, but in the case of Japan it is something that we should completely eliminate from our head: Japan is very safe.

There are usually no problems with robberies, violence or scams. Although it is safe, it never hurts to be careful when it comes to having your wallet nearby or always keep your backpack closed. Precautions are never too much, but we insist on the extreme security of Japan.

In addition to this, you can download the Yubisashi application, a translator that helps you communicate in the Japanese language. It is available in English, but it will help you a lot to know how to pronounce Japanese words. It is free and available for iOS and Android.

About trains, they are the easiest way to get around. Japan Rail Company (JR) trains are in operation and adapted to any need. Foreigners can buy the Japan Rail Pass (JRP) at sales offices outside Japan and also through the Internet by authorized official resellers.

Requirements to travel to japan from argentina

The MAEC places special emphasis on the health section. In this sense, the Ministry indicates that “in order to travel to Japan it is highly recommended to travel with an insurance whose coverage is as broad as possible in case of any incident (health problem, traffic accident with a rental car, trip cancellation…) since dealing with such incidents in Japan can be extremely costly. For the same reason, it is recommended that the insurance contracted does not imply that the insured should advance the expenses”.

The medical infrastructure in Japan is very good and you will find hospitals and clinics in most places you visit. The problem is often that many doctors are not fluent in English and clinics for foreigners tend to be more expensive. Therefore, although it is safe to travel to Japan, it is essential that you take out good medical insurance such as IATI Estrella, with up to 1,000,000 euros of medical coverage. In case of an accident, we will provide you with the support to go to the hospital or clinic you need and, of course, you will be able to understand absolutely everything.

Requirements for travel to Japan 2022

Now, with the death of the former Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, after suffering a shooting during a rally, there are many people who are considering whether traveling to Japan is safe. However, from Viajestic we wanted to make a compilation of reasons why traveling to Japan is still safe.

3. The medical infrastructure in Japan is very good and you will find hospitals and clinics in most of the places you visit. Although we recommend that if you are going to travel to Japan you should take out a medical insurance with all-inclusive coverage.

Vaccinations for travel to Japan

Unforeseen events can ruin your vacation anywhere in the world, even in places as safe as the land of the rising sun. That is why we recommend you to take out health insurance for your trip to Japan and enjoy your stay without worries.

During your trip to Japan, accidents may occur or unforeseen situations may arise that could complicate your stay. These circumstances, which you cannot imagine before your departure, can be difficult to manage and generate stress, especially being so many kilometers away from home and in such a culturally different environment. In addition, they can have an associated cost that can eat into your vacation budget.

Our insurances cover a wide range of situations: cash advances, medication delivery, reimbursement of vacations not taken and even trip cancellation costs. Our offer and the quality of our service allow us to affirm that our insurance is the best insurance for traveling to Japan.

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