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Travel to japan how much money to take


As with lodging, for meals you have a great variety of options, because besides the traditional Japanese food, there are also western fast food establishments such as: 7 – Eleven or McDonald’s.

You should consider an approximate budget of 300 pesos per meal, let’s say that between breakfast, snacks, drinks, lunch and dinner you could spend an average of between $750 mxn to $1,500 mxn per day.

It is one of the most famous places in Japan, its delicious ramen earned it one of the much coveted Michelin Stars. Prices range from 850 to 1400 yen, and if you don’t want to wait in long lines to get in, try to avoid rush hours.

This place is perfect for good sushi at a reasonable price. It has a wide variety of options ranging from 108 yen. It is a well known place and is located a few steps from the famous Shibuya crossing.

How much does it cost to go to Japan

Second Step: The VisaIt is not free to put first the choice of the flight before the visa that authorizes our entrance to Japan. To apply for this document we must have confirmed the dates, flights and accommodations that we will use in our trip to Japan, however, the procedure is relatively simple and friendly. After filling out a couple of forms detailing our itinerary within the country and an interview at the embassy, we will have to wait a week for the passports and the result. If we demonstrate economic solvency for the trip (with a savings account would be enough), it is almost certain that the authorization will be granted, the best thing is that the payment is only made if the visa is approved and it costs less than 100 soles. To start the process you must fill out the forms on this website and make an appointment in advance at 219-9550.

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Over time we always hear the same thing when we say that we have been to Japan, or that we are organizing a new trip: But isn’t it very expensive to travel to Japan, it sure costs an arm and a leg to travel there.

Something essential that you should not skimp on. Your health comes first, and for something that represents 1-2% of the travel budget you are not going to gamble, right? The medical expenses that any mishap could cause you would exceed MUCH more than the cost of any travel medical insurance. And if we have learned anything recently is that at any time everything can go wrong and an insurance of this type can save us a lot of trouble.

The item where we are going to spend the most, together with the airline ticket. As we mentioned at the beginning, the money you spend on looking for accommodation in Japan will depend on your pretensions. If you are a person of simple tastes who does not mind sharing a room with other travelers, then you can find accommodation for 20 € per night. On the other hand, if you prefer a more intimate and comfortable environment, such as a business hotel or a ryokan, the minimum price range goes up to 50-60 € per night. Of course, we can always find special offers, but we are giving you some average prices to give you an idea.

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Traveling to the Land of the Rising Sun is an experience, but there are many doubts behind, especially how much does it cost to travel to Japan or what are the prices in Japan, in this guide you will find 6 essential points:

The average price of a trip to Japan ranges from 30 to 120 USD per day considering: accommodation, food, transportation and access to attractions. Below you will find 3 ranges of expenses per day taking as reference the prices of Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima:

Below you will find examples of prices in Japan for hostels and hotels in cities such as Tokyo and Kyoto for your reference. However, remember that they may vary depending on the season and anticipation of your reservation (Click on each option for prices and offers).

One of the most frequently asked questions, because it all depends on which city you are traveling, if it is high or low season, if you make a stopover, if you are traveling during the weekend or during the day. Finally, I recommend you to read the guide: “How to get cheap flights” by clicking here or on the image. Of course it explains in detail how to get the best prices.

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