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Day 1 is dedicated to the arrival in Tokyo, which if you fly on the recommended airlines, will be in the afternoon.we will be waiting for you at the airport and we will leave in private vans to the hotel.we will have some personal rest time and then we will get together to “formally” start the trip, meet and dine as a group in a nice local neighborhood of Tokyo.another full day to discover the magic of Japan’s capital city.

Another full day to discover the magic of the capital of Japan.We will start the day touring the famous Tsukiji market, and then we will go to the mythical Zojoji temple, originally built in 1393 and one of the main temples of the Buddhist branch of the Jodo sect.The temple offers a clear perspective of modern Tokyo, where tradition blends with modernity, and being located right at the foot of the Tokyo Tower is a clear reflection of this. From there we will climb one of the towers with the best views of the whole city, and then we will take a cultural walk to the Akihabara neighborhood, one of the most important shopping areas of the city and where you will see all that Tokyo has to offer in terms of technology, anime, video games, etc. Definitely an experience by itself! Later we will visit the Buddhist temple of Senso-ji, the oldest and most important temple in Tokyo. A very colorful place and of special importance for the locals who always arrive in their best clothes to pay respect in this sacred corner of the city.In the evening, we will soak up local life in Hoppy Street, one of the best corners of Tokyo to taste local food, have a drink and share with people from all over the world!

Kyoto and Tokyo

But discovering every corner of the city in a few days can be a headache. Not only because of lack of time, but also because of the impossibility of knowing what we can find in each area of Kyoto.

In our case, in addition to having traveled many times to the city, Laura lived here for a while. So we know Kyoto well and that is why it is easy for us to give you real recommendations and not a list of copied and pasted places, as in many other media.

For this, and taking into account that in many cases you will not have too many days, we will start with a list of our must-sees in Kyoto. Once you know what is most important, we will go into details by areas. This way, if you have already seen the basics, or if you have more days to spend, you will be able to enjoy Kyoto as it deserves.

As with Tokyo, deciding how many days to spend in Kyoto is a key question. And a difficult one to answer, of course. The answer depends a lot on our personal interests and the time available on our trip to Japan. That is why we always recommend that, before finalizing your itinerary, you read this guide and do some research. This way you will see what catches your attention, what you really want to see in order to prioritize. And then you will be able to decide how many days you will dedicate to the city.

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El ryokan es casi nuevo y está superlimpio, con fantásticas habitaciones y baños ensuite para mayor privacidad, pero con una configuración tradicional. Sirven un desayuno tradicional japonés, así que si esperas algo más común, te sorprenderás. En general, no puedo recomendar este lugar lo suficiente y definitivamente volvería de nuevo.

La amabilidad y la conciencia de los dulces propietarios y el personal, fue lo más importante para mí, ya que viajaba sola por primera vez en Japón, inmediatamente me sentí como en casa. Recibí una guía muy amable para encontrar todas las atracciones en Kioto y etc.

El Nazuna Kyoto Gosho se encuentra en Kioto y ofrece wifi gratis. El alojamiento está a unos 650 metros del Museo Internacional del Manga de Kioto, a 1,2 km del castillo de Nijo y a 1,3 km del Palacio…

Este ryokan está situado en el área de Gion desde con dar pocos pasos se pueden visitar muchos de los templos emblemáticos de la ciudad. Además el ambiente y el servicio han sido tremendos, me he sentido que me quedaba a dormir en casa de unos amigos. Me ha encantado.

Kyoto characteristics

Kyoto, the former imperial capital, is Japan’s most visited city after Tokyo. At once traditional, spiritual, gourmet and modern, the city never ceases to fascinate those who explore it. Visiting Kyoto is an opportunity to discover the cradle of the Japanese soul in all its facets. An essential step for a successful stay in Japan…

Kyoto is a historical and cultural treasure trove with thousands of temples, gardens and serene shrines, and no less than 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The city was spared bombing during World War II and its thousands of wooden machiya houses make the city full of traditional elegance and picturesque scenery.

Kyoto is a city to be enjoyed by aesthetes, gourmets or travelers in search of spirituality. Considered the traditional Japanese city par excellence, it attracts thousands of visitors every day. And for good reason since it is home to true gems of Japanese culture, such as the Kinkaku-ji and Ginkaku-ji temples, the old geisha quarter of Gion, the Path of Philosophy, the Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine and its torii gates, or the Kiyomizu-dera temple. Discovering Kyoto is a different and fascinating experience.

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