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Requirements to travel to japan from mexico


PinShare2TwitterWhatsApp2 ShareIt is believed that the airfare to Japan from the west of the world is one of the most expensive, but it is really as expensive as traveling to Poland, Romania or Russia, in Eastern Europe.

I invite you to find out how much it will cost you to travel to the land of the rising sun from Mexico and to learn how to choose wisely accommodation and transportation, so that your budget does not get out of control, because there are ways to travel and enjoy Japan without spending a lot of money.

In addition to the comfort and luxuries you want to give yourself, it will be decisive to include the season of the trip, lodging, transportation, food, entrance fees to museums and tourist parks, plus leisure expenses, to set a budget per day of your stay in Japan.

With these 27,864 pesos, taking the largest amount of the budget per day and adding the airfare, you will be able to visit temples and other tourist sites and although you will not indulge in luxuries, you will not refuse to spend on one or another treat.

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As with lodging, for meals you have a great variety of options, because besides traditional Japanese food, there are also western fast food establishments such as 7 – Eleven or McDonald’s.

You should consider an approximate budget of 300 pesos per meal, let’s say that between breakfast, snacks, drinks, lunch and dinner you could spend an average of between $750 mxn to $1,500 mxn per day.

It is one of the most famous places in Japan, its delicious ramen earned it one of the much coveted Michelin Stars. Prices range from 850 to 1400 yen, and if you don’t want to wait in long lines to get in, try to avoid rush hours.

This place is perfect for good sushi at a reasonable price. It has a wide variety of options ranging from 108 yen. It is a well known place and is located a few steps from the famous Shibuya crossing.

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In order to answer this question, we have to take into account many factors: from the season in which we travel to the type of tourist we are. Luckily, in Japan there are many options for all budgets so travel is possible also for those traveling on a tighter budget. So if you have the question “Is it expensive to travel to Japan?” think that it doesn’t have to be.

The following is a basic guide on how to calculate how much a trip to Japan can cost you. Naturally, these figures are just a guideline, to give you an idea and a range of money. But then we give you a series of recommendations to find a trip that fits your needs.

To be able to answer this question correctly, we will take into account accommodation, transportation, food, entrance fees, sightseeing and leisure expenses and extras that we may have. We purposely leave aside flights, as it is a very complicated variable to budget, as we will explain below.

Requirements for travel to japan covid

Japan is one of the Asian countries you should visit and enjoy its culture and history with more than 6000 islands. The most important Japanese city is Tokyo with more than 9 million people, temples and 23 neighborhoods to visit.

Without a doubt you can not miss the rest of Tokyo’s neighborhoods such as Chiyoda, where the imperial palace of Japan is located; Ginza to go shopping in department stores; or go to Minato to visit the Tokyo Tower.

In summer it is one of the times of festivals throughout Japan with typical traditional dances and also with great fireworks displays. If you like trekking, travel between the months of July and August you can make the ascent to Mount Fuji.

Osaka is the third largest city in Japan and is known for its cultural richness, its wonderful people and obviously, for its food.in Osaka we find one of the most urban faces of Japan clearly differentiating it from other more traditional regions.we find infinite activities to do in group, such as visiting the Osaka castle, stroll through its shrines and go for a walk around the city….

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