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It is, therefore, possible to travel to Japan from June 10, 2022. However, this is a moderate opening of borders, since it is only possible to enter the country on an organized tour and by fulfilling certain requirements. In other words, it is not possible to travel freely.

The Japanese government has announced that from September 7, 2022, the requirements for travel to Japan will be relaxed. Specifically, the requirement to have a PCR and to travel with a guide will be eliminated. However, it will still be necessary to have a travel package contracted with an agency.

Although in Japan there is no risk of contracting diseases common in other Asian countries (dengue fever, chikungunya, cholera…), none of us is free from the possibility of, for example, spraining an ankle or getting a lumbar puncture while sightseeing. You might even be unlucky enough to have an appendicitis operation or other accidents that we never know when they will happen. Unfortunately, in Japan this could cost you thousands of euros and ruin your trip. Thanks to IATI Estrella you will be protected against this, you will not have to advance money or pay excess and, in addition, we will be there for you 24 hours a day and we will attend you in your language. Among the most important coverages of this policy are:

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Yes, we know that “cheap” and “travel to Japan” are not expressions that usually go together in the same sentence, but in this article we are going to show you that you can organize a trip to Japan spending much less than you imagine. To do so, we are going to give you a series of tips (now that everyone uses English words for everything) to save as much money as possible during your trip to Japan.

In our “Flights” section we talk at length about the process of finding airline tickets to Japan and how much a flight to Japan costs on average. We also give you some tips on how to find the best price. However, we are going to summarize here the most important factors to take into account to find a cheap flight to Japan.

Perhaps this is one of the elements that most influence the price of our airline ticket. If you have freedom of dates to organize your trip then you have many options to find a better deal than if you can only limit yourself to high season months in Japan, such as spring or summer.

Ong japan

All known space missions so far are composed of a specialized team for the development of the mission. In an unprecedented social experiment, SpaceX will launch a vehicle that will take civilians on a round trip to the Moon by 2023.

The surprise was that Yusaku Maezawa, a Japanese billionaire, bought all the crew seats for this spacecraft in 2018, which he is now raffling off to the entire world, completely free of charge, as he and Elon Musk have announced in a recent video.

Although some details are already known about the way of life of millionaires during the pandemic, with activities almost out of dystopian movies, Maezawa’s announcement offers the opportunity to people who otherwise would not be able to visit the Moon.

To register for a chance to travel around the lunar satellite on an unprecedented civilian mission, interested parties can visit the website dearMoon has made available.

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Even if you don’t have a big budget, you will definitely enjoy your trip to Japan. The country is full of wonderful places that will fascinate you. And if you are traveling on a tighter budget, if you save on food and transportation, for example, maybe you can use the money saved for other attractions that interest you, such as the Ghibli Museum, Tokyo Disneyland or Universal Studios Japan.

Anyway, whatever your situation is, we recommend you to read our post about how much it costs to travel to Japan. There we have created sample budgets for two totally different types of travelers, one who wants to save more and one who does standard spending.

Of course, a basic tip to save on your flight to Japan (and to any other destination) is to be flexible in dates. It’s not always possible, of course, because it depends on vacation availability and other factors. But if you can fly on weekdays, it’s better than flying Friday through Sunday.

So, if you want to save on the plane, going in May or from November to February is a good idea. The problem in Japan, however, is that you may save on airfare, but then things may not be so cheap there.

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