How much is to travel to japan

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To get around the big cities, such as Kyoto or Tokyo, we used the subway. In all of them we could use the rechargeable ‘Suica’ cards, except in Naha, where they had their own cards. During the two weeks we spent in Tokyo, we spent an average of 8€/day per person on the subway.

For the longer trips between cities we decided to buy a 21-day Japan Rail Pass for €483 per person. Before purchasing one of these passes, remember to compare the prices of individual tickets with the total price of the pass.

We thought that renting bicycles would save us a little more money during our trip but the truth is that, unlike other Asian countries we have visited such as Indonesia, renting bicycles in Japan is not cheap at all.

Believe it or not, in Japan they are not very used to paying with credit or debit cards. We had many problems with this issue when paying in supermarkets and even in hotels.

How much does a trip to Japan cost in dollars?

As with lodging, for meals you have a wide variety of options, because in addition to traditional Japanese food, there are also Western fast food establishments such as: 7 – Eleven or McDonald’s.

You should consider an approximate budget of 300 pesos per meal, let’s say that between breakfast, snacks, drinks, lunch and dinner you could spend an average of between $750 mxn to $1,500 mxn per day.

It is one of the most famous places in Japan, its delicious ramen earned it one of the much coveted Michelin Stars. Prices range from 850 to 1400 yen, and if you don’t want to wait in long lines to get in, try to avoid rush hours.

This place is perfect for good sushi at a reasonable price. It has a wide variety of options ranging from 108 yen. It is a well known place and is located a few steps from the famous Shibuya crossing.

How much does it cost to travel to japan from colombia?

Our recommendation is that you search and look well in all the comparators you know to find the best price, because you can find cheaper flights than ours. We always use Skyscanner because we find it the most convenient. In our case, we flew with Etihad with a stopover in Abu Dhabi.

If you search well and book in advance being flexible with dates, it is easy to find cheaper flights. If you want, you can take a look at our post on how to find cheap flights.

What happens if your camera or luggage is stolen? What happens if you get sick and have to do quarantine? What happens if you have to go to the hospital because of appendicitis or a sprained ankle? What if the airline loses your luggage and you are left without clothes? Who is going to pay for all this? I’m telling you: travel insurance

We made calculations of all the trips we were going to make and we saw that it was worth taking the JR Pass for all the days we spent in Japan. We bought it on this website, which is the one we always recommend because they send it to your home by FedEx in a few days.

How much does a trip to south korea cost?

Over time we always hear the same thing when we say that we have been to Japan, or that we are organizing a new trip: But isn’t it very expensive to travel to Japan, it sure costs an arm and a leg to travel there.

Something essential that you should not skimp on. Your health comes first, and for something that represents 1-2% of the travel budget you are not going to gamble, right? The medical expenses that any mishap could cause you would be MUCH higher than the cost of any travel medical insurance. And if we have learned anything recently is that at any time everything can go wrong and an insurance of this type can save us a lot of trouble.

The item where we are going to spend the most, together with the airline ticket. As we mentioned at the beginning, the money you spend on looking for accommodation in Japan will depend on your pretensions. If you are a person of simple tastes who does not mind sharing a room with other travelers, then you can find accommodation for 20 € per night. On the other hand, if you prefer a more intimate and comfortable atmosphere, such as a business hotel or a ryokan, the minimum price range goes up to 50-60 € per night. Of course, we can always find special offers, but we are giving you some average prices to give you an idea.

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