How long to travel across japan

How many hours from the United States to Japan by airplane


Having two weeks to travel to Japan is enough time to get to know the most touristic places of the country and even to make a getaway that allows you to visit less known and visited areas.

For this 14-day Japan itinerary, we recommend entering through Osaka and leaving through Tokyo, or the other way around, to save time and avoid making the transfer back at the end of the trip to catch the flight back home.

As we said before, with 2 weeks you will have enough time to visit the most iconic cities of the country and, in addition, make some trips to the surrounding areas. To make your experience as complete as possible, here are some recommendations for these excursions:

This pass is a pass with which you will be able to travel unlimitedly around the country on the Japan National Railways network, including the famous shinkansen bullet trains, regional and local trains, as well as the JR Yamanote and JR Chuo lines in Tokyo or the JR Sagano Line and JT Nara Line in Kyoto, and the JR Buses and JR Ferry line, which will serve you to go to Miyajima, among many others.

How long does it take to travel from colombia to japan?

In this article we are going to tell you how we went to Japan (who we flew with, how much it cost us, how long it took…) but the most important thing is that we are going to show you alternatives to travel to Japan and tips on which ones are worth it and which ones are not worth it so that your trip to Japan starts in the best possible way.

And although our first option was to choose Aeroflot or Finnair for those hours of less, the price was what made us opt for Etihad, since in addition to fulfilling everything we were looking for, we got an offer in which we traveled for 470€ per person round trip, a price well below the normal price of the flight, and that realistically, it is difficult to get (and if you do, do not think about it too much).

Anyway, as we said, it all depends on specific offers, so we strongly recommend that you create a price alert on skyscanner to be aware of possible price drops.

With stopover, the fastest option is Finnair, which takes between 14 and 16 hours (depending on the time of the stopover), followed by Aeroflot, Lufthansa, ANA, KLM or Alitalia, which normally take between 15 and 17 hours to make the trip (always discarding stopovers of less than one hour, which we strongly recommend you to avoid).

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Chileans traveling to Japan for a maximum period of ninety days do not need a visa if the purpose of the visit is for non-remunerative activities such as tourism, visiting relatives, business or attending congresses.

Note: As of 0:00 a.m. on April 8, 2022 (Japan time) and until further notice, the application of the visa waiver measures for Chile and the application of the visa waiver measures for holders of APEC Business Travel Cards (ABTC) issued by Chile will be temporarily suspended.

When traveling under the circumstances described above, you must carry: valid passport, round-trip ticket from Japan, it is recommended to carry credit cards and/or cash as a means of economic solvency (approximately US$ 100 per day) and proof of hotel reservation (for all days). If you are traveling on business, you should also bring a letter of invitation from the company in Japan (in English or Japanese).

Shipping to Japan

Is it cold in November in Japan, what is the temperature in March, and what should I wear for my trip in October? These questions, which come to us often by mail and through our social networks, are very typical when planning a trip to Japan. Many of you write to us asking about when it is best to travel to Japan. And, also, about the weather in Japan. The main concerns we draw from these queries are the temperature, the more or less abundant rains, the snow, the clothes to put in the suitcase, and so on. And all of this, of course, affects travel planning, not just destinations, but what month to travel in.

And, of course, you need to decide where to go on your trip. That’s why on our Japan destinations page we have an interactive map divided by regions, which also has the main Japanese cities marked. You can click on each of them and you will see all the content specific to those cities or regions. Or, if you prefer, by scrolling you have direct access to these regions and to the content of the two most visited cities by tourists, Tokyo and Kyoto.

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