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We are leaving July 27th from Barcelona and we would like to spend about 20 days in Japan and then fly to the Philippines. In Japan we would like to visit Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto or the Aomori festival which is celebrated from August 2nd to 7th or the Akita Kanto festival which is from August 5th to 7th and if possible finish in Kyoto around August 18th to go to the Philippines.

We had always wanted to go to Japan, and a friend who was in the Philippines told us that he was very pleasantly surprised, so we thought of doing a combined trip…. (on the map it doesn’t seem to be very far, ejjejjje!!!)

As in this post nobody answered, I got into the Philippines post, and the truth is that I got a lot of information!!! there are direct tickets from Osaka to Manila for about 200€ and I think it takes about 4-5h (now I’m not sure…), you have to look at the flights in cebupacificair.

I after finding the flights, I have already decided!!! Japan-Philippines!!! specifically Palawan… if you enter the Philippines forum, you will be infatuated!!! ejjjejeje!!! and besides, it is closer and I think it will be cheaper than combining Japan with Maldives or Bali… and about combining it with Thailand, I think it is a country with too much to visit to go a few days and only to the beach…

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Day 05 TOKYOSuggest visiting the city: the Asakusa Kannon temple, the Meiji Shrine, located in one of the most beautiful parks in Tokyo; stroll through the Ginza and Ropongi Hill districts with its spectacular stores; do not miss the Mori Tower, the tallest building in Tokyo, the view is spectacular. Accommodation Day 06 TOKYOPossibility of using the Japan Rail Pass to go on an excursion to Nikko, where the most beautiful shrines of Japan, the Toshogu Shrine declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.Accommodation.

Day 08 KYOTOSuggest visiting the main temples of the city: the Temple of Kikankuji or “Golden Pavilion”, the Temple of Sanjusagendo, with its more than 1000 Buddha statues, the Temple of Kiyomizu, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO and the Fushimi Inari Shrine.accommodation.

Day 09 KYOTOPossibility of using the Japan Rail Pass to take the train to Nara, one of the ancient cities where the ancient Japanese culture is breathed. In the evening we recommend a stroll through the Gion district where if you are lucky we can see some gheisa strolling.

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BarcoSu barco: WesterdamEl crucero Westerdam, que ha sido renovado, cuenta con excelentes bares, entretenimiento y restaurantes, además de suites completamente rediseñadas. El Westerdam es un destino fascinante por derecho propio y ha ganado múltiples premios al mejor crucero. A bordo, disfruta del entretenimiento en vivo con Music Walk™, incluyendo el Lincoln Center Stage, el B.B. King’s Blues Club y el Billboard Onboard. Siéntase inmerso en su crucero con demostraciones de cocina regional y degustaciones de comida y vino con EXC Port to Table. Enriquezca su experiencia de viaje en la nueva Central de Exploración en la parte superior del barco.

ActividadesActividades a bordoCada día a bordo ofrece deliciosas opciones gastronómicas, entretenimiento de clase mundial y actividades enriquecedoras. Escenario del Lincoln Center IncluidoLos lugares de entretenimiento del cruceroEn una asociación exclusiva con el principal centro de artes escénicas del mundo, virtuosos músicos interpretan clásicos conocidos.

Leer más Billboard Onboard IncluidoLos lugares de entretenimiento del cruceroDos pianos. Sesenta años de éxitos en las listas de éxitos. Cientos de canciones. Canta, pon a prueba tus conocimientos de trivialidades o disfruta de las bebidas y la buena música.

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Breakfast at leisure. Then we will go to Osaka Central Station to take a train to Nara. Upon arrival, we will leave our luggage in the luggage room and then transfer to Todaiji Temple or Nara Temple. There we will find the largest Buddha in the world and the deer park, among other things to visit. Return to the train station to continue our trip to Kyoto. Arrival and overnight at the ibis kyoto station hotel. Afternoon free to explore the city.

I recommend you to go to Hiroshima early in the morning. Departure of trains early in the morning, visit of the city by tourist bus. Then return to the train station to leave for Miyajima. Upon arrival, take the ferry (included with the jr pass) to visit Itsukushima Shrine, one of the most beautiful shrines in the country. Return to Hiroshima to take the train back to Kyoto.

Traditional Japanese breakfast. Early in the morning, we will leave for the Nakasendo route to Tsumago, an ancient post town from the feudal era of the Samurai. We recommend a visit to the “Waki Honjin”, former samurai inns. Train back to Nagoya station, where we will take the bullet train “Shikansen” to Tokyo. From Tokyo train station we take the subway to our hotel. Arrival, luggage collection and accommodation at The b Akasaka hotel (double room). Free time to visit this wonderful city.

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