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If you decide, you can visit the whole country, as there are no restrictions on destinations or means of transportation, as was the case with the trial tours they organized. What do you need, in short, to travel to Japan under the current rules?

Honduras, Nicaragua, Uruguay and others are in the intermediate, yellow group. In this case, you need a PCR test on arrival and a 5-day quarantine (or 3 days if you test negative on the third day). However, upon presentation of the vaccination certificate, nationals of countries in the yellow group do not need either a test or quarantine.

The official information shared by JNTO is a bit “vague”, because it says that to get the ERFS you need to hire a “tourist package” with an agency in Japan. It is not specified what this tour package has to contain (flight and hotel, flight only, etc). Some agencies ask you to contract a package with them so that they can manage the ERFS and thus follow the instructions of JNTO (and also because you supposedly need to communicate a detailed travel itinerary, with the transports you are going to use, where you are going to be at each moment and basic information of the area where you will eat).

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All foreign visitors wishing to enter Japanese territory must have a valid passport for the intended period of stay and comply with the conditions of their visas. Below are the most frequently asked questions about visa requirements in Japan.

Passengers visiting Japan for tourism purposes who are citizens of one of 68 countries, including Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Korea, Singapore, the United States and the vast majority of European countries, do not require a visa (subject to rules and conditions) and will be issued a short limited period of stay permit upon arrival.

Those who are not citizens of any of these 68 countries must obtain an entry visa in advance. Click here for all the relevant information on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

In order to obtain a work visa, the applicant must be in possession of a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) from the prospective employer, which must be approved by the Immigration Bureau. This document is a preliminary screening process that stipulates that the holder meets the requirements to enter Japan and is eligible for a visa.

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The consular office will review the documents submitted and verify that all requirements are met. This may take up to one week. Once the review of the documents is completed, the consular office will contact the applicants to arrange an appointment for the face-to-face submission of the visa applications, on which day the applicants will need to bring the original documents for comparison. The consular office will issue the visa one week later. In case the applicants come from Valencia, Balearic Islands, Girona, Tarragona, Lleida, etc., the visa will be issued the same day of the appointment, unless exceptional circumstances prevent its issuance.

Visa for medium or long term stay (Visa categories; Student, Professor, Entertainer, Cultural Activities, Skilled Labor, Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services, etc.)

※Depending on the purpose of your entry, you may need to obtain a certificate of eligibility from the regional immigration office and obtain the Japan visa from the Japanese embassy/consulate of the country/region.

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Tokyo is one of the most modern cities in the world and its inhabitants are among the most cosmopolitan. Even so, business behavior is governed by principles that it is essential to respect. Every stage of your negotiations must respect the rules of ancestral etiquette.

To this end, you must take great care with your business cards or meishi. Printed in English and Japanese, they are essential for the first meeting with your Japanese partners. Hand it to your Japanese counterpart and pick up his with both hands. Don’t forget to study its contents and place it on the meeting table in front of you. Above all, do not put it in your pocket!  The gift ritual

Your Japanese counterparts identify themselves with your company. They introduce themselves by giving the name of the company. For this reason, giving individual compliments causes discomfort. All decisions are made after consultation with the group and with great respect for the hierarchy. For this reason, decision-making processes are often slow. In addition, negotiations are not made at the first meetings. These meetings serve to get to know each other.  The importance of silenceTo negotiate successfully, you need to understand that you are entering a world of humility, respect and patience. Your presentations should be polite and calm.

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