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The best way to get from one place to another in Japan is by train. This means of transportation is very well developed, with an infinite number of schedules to choose from and most importantly, it is extremely punctual and reliable.

It is a transport ticket issued by the Japan Railways group with which you can travel unlimited and during its validity on the Limited Express, Express, Shinkansen (except Nozomi and Mizuho), buses and Ferrys (for example the one going to Miyajima).

There are many offices distributed in the most important stations (airports, Ueno, Tokyo, etc.). You have to be clear about the day you want to start using the JR Pass.    We also advise you to take the Shinkansen journeys with you to reserve a seat (although it is not strictly necessary, there are usually free seats).  We went to the office on the second day of our stay to activate it on the fifth day of our trip.

If your trip to Japan is about 15 days we advise you to buy the 7-day JR Pass and calculate well the days you are going to use the Shinkansen or Limited Express trains, which are the most expensive ones. For example, if you start your trip in Tokyo, the first two or three days (two or three) will be spent visiting the city, so it is not necessary to use the JR Pass. When you decide to go to Nikko or another city far from Tokyo, you activate the 7-day JR Pass and during that period you make the long journeys.

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Thanks to how well the transportation system works in Japan, we will use Tokyo and Kyoto as main “home bases” and from there we will move to the rest of the places. In the following map I show you a little of what for me is one of the best 15 days routes in Japan and how we will distribute the trip:

The rest of the excursions are Kamakura, a city famous for its temples and shrines; Osaka, one of the most lively cities in Japan; Nara and Inari, famous for its tori and deer; Hakone and Mount Fuji; the temples of Nikko between waterfalls and forests; and of course Hiroshima and Miyajima, famous for the famous atomic bomb and the giant tori on the water.

We continue in Tokyo. This day we can visit the Senso-Ji temple, the beautiful Ueno park, the Ginza district and finish the day watching the sunset from the artificial island of Odaiba and the views of the Tokyo skyline.

Second full day in Tokyo. We will start with Harajuku, the impressive Yoyogi Park, Meiji Shrine, Takeshita Street and its “youth fashion”, Akihabara and the geek stores, Shinjuku and its neons and finally we can go up to the Tokyo Metropolitan Center or Mori Tower to see the best views of Tokyo.

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Thinking of making a trip to Japan in 14 days? These are the first doubts that arose when we started planning our trip around the world. So now that we have already lived it, as always, here is our experience and all doubts resolved. We tell you step by step how to organize the route and itinerary, how much it costs, what is the best time and how to get there.

Keep in mind that this is the season in which the Japanese travel the most, so in these dates mass travel is the most common. Our recommendation is that you book your 14-day trip to Japan well in advance to avoid finding yourself with sky-high prices for accommodation and transportation.

To avoid the crowds in the most famous places of this route, it is best to leave November aside and organize the trip in early December, when the trees keep their amazing colors but there is not so much tourism.

Japan has 2 international airports that you can reach from anywhere in the world: Tokyo and Osaka. The ideal, if you find a good price, is to enter through Tokyo and leave through Osaka.

Travel to Japan 14 days

If you are one of those who like to improvise, I have to tell you that in this trip our advice is to plan at least the daily itinerary, because if not you might have a hard time. Although if you have time to spare, you can also allow yourself to see it as you go along. I tell you this because if we could have, we would have been in Japan for 2 months (or 6), as there are many places where we would have stayed much longer than we did.

If we have learned anything from traveling, it is that trying to save on some aspects of your travel budget, such as health, can be very, very expensive. Something that we have very clear after having bought the plane tickets for a new trip is to hire our travel health insurance. But not just any insurance.

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